Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Today little Alex got fever so I didn't send her to school. Her body is so hot last nite, stuffed a bullet into her little anus and put her to sleep. Today she wakes up still feeling hot so she just stay at home.

The little girl was walking around the house in the morning, finding for food to eat and playing with my iphone. I told her to sleep beside me, be a good girl. She lie beside me for a few minutes and then she ran off. 

So her schedule at home is to watch TV, eat fruits, eat biscuits, eat tibits, drink Ribena.... and last but not least go and disturb the cat family.  

See the kittens are having their lunch... yum yum.

Cat mama turns defensive when we get too closed up... She didn't attack us cos' she knows we always give her fish to eat. Little Alex likes to peep at her from time to time.

Sometimes the cat mama will come out from the box and walk around the corridor. I see the chance and grab one of the kittens to take a pic of it.

Still so small and vulnerable...The eyes are still closed. It reminds me of how little Alex looks like after we feed her milk and patting her back to make her burp.

Recently little Alex got a new companion to play with.... Her name is Tutu, 3 yrs old. I tell you Tutu can follow what little Alex said. When little Alex call me "papa" she also follow suit, haha... Her cheeks are so round and fleshy. They have been good friends the moment they saw each other. Little Alex will hug her when they are sitting together. Both of them got many similarities. Both like to go out, both like to scream,  both like to act cute, both like to jump around, both like to laugh so loud.

Little Alex likes to teach her bad stuffs. When little Alex jumps around in the MRT, she will follow too. Both of them are so noisy when they are together. When walking, little Alex will want to hold her hand. One will do and the other will follow. At the toys department, both of them will play together. When we are leaving, little Alex will pat her and pull her hand, asking her to go as well.

Both of them are playing with shoes. They will grab a pair of shoes and try them on, then take it off and try another pair,then another pair, then another pair.....

See the shoes are lying on the floor...

Now I know why women will always have the same problem "I got no shoes...." when they already got 1000 pair of shoes.

Now let's see what the little artist draw this week...

Someone shared this shocking article in Facebook... I think I better stop eating instant noodles from now on. This is really bad, man.

One packet of instant noodles, our liver need 32 days detoxification. So little Alex should stop eating instant noodles too....

Before I ends this blog, some quotes to share...

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