Friday, June 10, 2011

Next week is little Alex's 5th birthday.... My mom bought for her a new "laptop". She said the one that I'm letting her use is too heavy and bulky for such a tiny little girl to play. But hey, this "laptop" is just a toy. mine is the genuine one, ok? But anyway, little Alex now seems to like it and she even wants to keep it together in the closet that she specifically want to.

see, and it comes with a mouse too.

All it does it just play music and songs when you pressed the buttons. I think such toys is more suitable for 3 yrs old kids to play. Since little Alex loves it, so....

I told her that now she got 2 laptops and papa only got one, so if she wants to play she should be playing with hers, not mine.
While little Alex went out with her grandma to Clementi Mall, I got the chance to go out and get myself a pair of sandals.

it comes with black and white colour... the black one is nicer but it doesn't have my size.


and little Alex is so tired that she just fall sleep on the couch. Initially she was disturbing me while I was online, then suddenly there is so silence outside. And she actually was sleeping already.

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