Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I got home last Friday and on my study table lies a parcel... A birthday gift for little Alex.

Alexandria's first birthday gift, from 云阿姨...

Who is this 云阿姨 leh? Little Alex god-mother loh.

Let's see what is inside the package...

A big bunch of flowers at the front. I thought little Alex won't want to wear it but apparently she wears it, so...

pong-pong skirt...

I planned to take her go to town area with her but it was raining in the morning, by the time the rain stops it was late morning and it's too late to go down to town. So we headed nearby, to Jurong Point.

Many people there... We went to Billy Bombers but there are quite a number of customers there. There is table for us but little Alex doesn't want to eat there so we left. Nowadays little Alex can tell you she likes the place or not, she wants to eat there or not. Anyway, it's her big day so she calls the shot. We walk around Jurong Point and we went to New York New York.

Bascially there isn't much customers there. Not much customers may not mean a good thing, esp on weekends. But who cares so much... I show little Alex the menu and she flips it like a pro. Very soon, she points to me what she wants to eat.

Bloody Eyeballs... haha, not for the faint-hearted. This is a theme for Halloween... See the blood?

Chocolate Waffle.. This is nice. When it is served to us, it's stil hot.

I took many shots for little Alex when she is eating and drinking. She just doesn't care if you are taking pics of her when she is busy eating her food. Ha! So got lots of ugly pics of her...

See, all finished. She eat the first portion and I only get to eat when she told me "I'm full already".

After that, we went to SAFRA to see what's in there.

Got a book fair... Not much books there. Took a round walk around the whole place, couldn't find any suitable books so we left the place and went back home.

This year is quite a simple birthday for little Alex. No birthday cakes for her... Anyway she has eaten more cakes than the whole birthday add together.

Took her height, and she stand 1.05m tall. Let's see how much she will grow next year.

her gift for me... she made it in school...

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