Monday, May 30, 2011

Soon little Alex will be 5 yrs old...

Right now she keeps on telling us she is 5 yrs old already.

Saturday took her out again. I ask her if she wants to take the bus or the MRT, she choose to take the MRT so we went to take the train to town. I wanted to take her to San Francisco Coffee for cake but when we reached here, it was closed. Anyway, just in case you doesn't know where is it, it's at Raffles Place just behind UOB Centre. Maybe it's weekend so it's closed.

Then we walked to Far East Square... Had my lunch there, little Alex didn't eat much. She is more interested in eating her cake more.

Strawberry cheesecake

No one's at the counter, haha....

It wasn't surprised that no one is at the counter cos' it's only about 11am, and there is only a few customers in the store.

After my lunch and little Alex's cake-time, we left and we continue walking... Got no clue where are we heading next. i just walk where my legs take me.

Still got no clue where we are going and we end up at Central Mall. She said she wanted to go and pee, so we went to the toilet. Then we continue walking downwards to City Hall. Little Alex said she wants to eat strawberry. I told her we need to find strawberries before we can eat strawberries. We went to Marina Square, walk a big round there, and end up at Raffles City. In fact I didn't really want to get for her but we still went to Cold Storage @ Raffles City. I tell you, she is so smart. She even can managed to find where the strawberries are, took me by the hand to search for it. And there are all the strawberries... I told her it's rather expensive, can we have the grapes instead? She look at me, then we put the box of strawberries back, choose a box of grapes and hand it to me. I told her that we need to pay for it before we can eat the grapes. She took the box of grapes and half-run half-walk to the cashier and queue up. She told me to queue up at this lane cos' the person in front is going to be done with the purchase. She hand over the grapes to the cashier and give her the $10 I passed to her earlier.

We sit outside Raffles City... she is choosing which grape to eat and which one to feed me.

After our grapes session, I ask her where shall we go next?

She said she wants to go home, and the time is only 4pm... I told her why not we go another place to play, it's still too early to head back home. She says she want to go home, go home!!! Okay, so we went home.

In the train, I let her sit on my lap. I guess she must be really tired cos' she even fall asleep sitting.

She is still sleeping when we got home. I lay her bed for her, just put her down and she wakes up immediately. Then she told us she is having fever, no wonder she wants to go home. And she doesn't want to bathe. I told her that she needs to bathe to bring her temperature down, she doesn't want and she runs and sleep on my mattress. I just grab her into the bathroom and bathe her.

During dinner time, she didn't eat much. In fact for the whole day she didn't eat much.

After dinner I went to take a short nap before going to work. Little Alex came and sleep beside me.. So we got a little chat going on.

Little Alex: after K1 is what"
Me: after K1 is K2 lah
LA: after K2 leh?
Me: is SKII lah..
LA: no!!.. after K2 is Pri 1..
LA: after Pri 1 leh?
Me: Pri 2 lah...
LA: after Pri 2 is Pri 3... Pri 4... Pri 5... Pri 6... after Pri 6 leh?
Me: Sec 1 lah...
LA: after Sec 1 is Sec 2... Sec 3.. Sec 4.. Sec 5... after Sec 5, momo go to work... Papa you dun need to work, you stay at home. Momo buy rice for papa to eat.
Me: now papa bring you go out, when papa old will you bring papa go out?
LA: *nod her head* momo bring papa go Vivocity and Jurong Point.
LA: momo big already, momo know how to go to Vivocity.
LA: momo buy 4 rice.. one for momo, one for mama, one for yeye, one for papa.

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