Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Little Alex is sleeping, still sleeping.... cos' it is raining outside now. So nice to sleep, huh? In my last post, I couldn't upload the new dress I got for her. So here it is...

It looks pretty long, right? I thought so too when I first saw it, but it only reaches her knee level... It was supposed to cost like $30, according to the girl tending the stall. But at the stall it was selling for only $10, so I buy it. The texture is nice and little Alex loves to wear it.
I think I should buy more of such dress for her. Better not wear too much pants and tee shirts.
Last nite when I reached home, my mother was telling me what this little lass did....
Little Alex dunno from where found a red packet, put a $1 coin inside and give it to my mother, wish her "Happy Birthday". Then she also roll some veggies and wrap it up with some paper, treat it as some flowers and tuck them to my mother. haha...

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