Thursday, March 31, 2011

Fast game, now it's almost 2am... Little Alex is sound asleep, my father is sleeping, my mother is sleeping too. Everyone in sleeping, except me. And I am working morning shift later...So just a fast update then I shall go to bed again... . Bought a new bag for little Alex @ Kiddy Palace. There are a few choices to choose but I think she might like this one. When she got home after school, I show it to her and I ask her if she likes it or not. She likes it, then she proudly went to show her grandmother...
Still ok, not too expensive... Little Alex got full marks for her Chinese spelling so gotta reward her a bit.
. . Yesterday I got a package from all the way from U.K. Oh ok, it's a book that I bought online... Now I find shopping online is pretty fun and convenient, esp you want to find stuffs that are rare and "going to extinct". Somehow or another, there will be someone who has it and selling it too. . Check it out at this website..
I still haven't read it yet, when I'm done then I shall share here, ok?

I saw this quote while waiting for someone at Boon Lay MRT station, so I snap a pic of it... I think I ever post it before, but who cares. You got to see it again.

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