Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Now is 2011... A brand new year ahead... Some pple says they are going to have a great 2011. If they don't work hard during 2010, they will not have a great 2011. What you reap now is not what you sow yesterday. What you reap now is what you have sowed for the past one year... You dun enjoy the fruits on the tree which you planted last nite, right? What grow on the trees is what you have planted 20 yrs ago.

Last Saturday is a day for me and little Alex. She is a little imp now. Her brain can twist and turn very fast. Currently she is sleeping with my mum at nite, and I have to sleep alone.. sob sob Anyway, it doesn't matter so much cos' I can stay up late at night whenever I want to and won't have to worri if the lights will affect her sleep. So the day before (Friday) when I took her down to the playground, I tell her that tomorrow we are going out so tonight who she wants to sleep together with? Her little finger, very swift, points to me. I ask her why not sleep with grandma and she shake her head.

And guess what, at night she still sleeps with my mum....

The next day, we went to buy a calendar for myself. Little Alex was running around at Borders, in circles. There is a post Christmas sales where many items are off 40%. I got my calendar at 40% off too, together with a gift for little Alex. Initially I didn't want to get for her, but she keep on pulling my hand to there. I walked away and she comes pulling my hand again. No matter how I pacify her, she just doesn't buy it. She looks like she really like to so much so I get for her. I told her to carry it herself. (sorry, no pics of her gift...)

Daily quotes from Richard Carlson, for 365 days.

Every weekends, so long I'm not working, I will take little Alex out. We have been to almost all the places that I can think of. Well, not almost all but to many places. There are still some places which we haven't visit before.

Little Alex will sometimes tell us she wants to go to Vivocity, though...

So I took her to this newly opened shopping mall, Nex @ Serangoon.

A garden at the parapet...
There are many shops to patron and food to eat. Not bad for a walk. We didn't stay there long, maybe just an hour or two.

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