Monday, November 01, 2010

Took a peek at how is the renovation being done...

See how ergonomics is the power switch? and the button is super big one... Little Alex will be able to switch off the lights when she wants to sleep. BTW, now she knows which button to press when she is taking the lift. If you try to con her into pressing the wrong button, she will tell you "ahh, press wrongly.."
Saturday took little Alex out to Orchard Road, we passed by Takashimaya and I saw there is this Subaru competition going. Those who want or determine to win a Subaru Impreza will compete to see who can last the longest in putting their lucky hand on the car.

Beginning of the competition....

see who can keep his/her hand on the Subaru till the end...

and it even got different categories;Mediacorp, Singapore, Philippines, etc...
We didn't stay too long there cos' it's nothing much to see.
Then on Sunday we passed by Takashimaya again....

it's another day.... it's more vacant compared to yesterday...

see, some ppl had given up and left....

see, 24 hours had passed.... some give up, some still stay..

Little Alex was whinning that she wants to eat cake.... We had tried Starbucks, Secret Recipe couple of times before... so I decided to take her to a new place. I told her that if she wants to eat cake then she must walk by herself.
And she really walks by herself there.
This time round we went to Dome. We are lucky to have a table near to the entrance.
Supposingly it's a table for 5-6 ppl and only 2 of us occupying it.

This is Strawberry Freeze. You know, little Alex insisted on ordering this one. I told her why now we get another one Strawberry Smoothie but she doesn't want. Her little finger keep on pointing this.

This is Dome Carrot Cake. Very nice, contains bits of fruits...

Then we went to take the North-East line. In fact I wanted to go to Vivocity at first, then when I was waiting for the train to arrive, the opposite train comes first so I quickly grab little Alex and we board the train to.... Clarke Quay.

Saw this Christmas tree @ Central.
We didn't stay too long at Central, we went to Clarke Quay, walked till the end and we end up at Liang Court. I wanted to have dinner there but the food there is not suitable for little Alex, so we left. I took her back to food court @Central, and you know what, so many stalls there had closed. Not much business there... And we left again, walked all the way to City Hall for our dinner.
Lately little Alex got an liking towards Old Chang Kee fishball. She will pester me to buy her one stick of fishball. She will eat 2 and give me 1.

Saw this at MICA...

Our own Courtesy lion.

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