Sunday, November 28, 2010

Saturday took little Alex out again...

Same thing again, she keep on saying she wants to go to Orchard Road, and she can even tell me to take bus #174 and #502. When she saw either one of the buses, she will run and point her finger, shout "174/502.... momo want to take.."

This post won't be a long one, cos' it's the same routine again. We dropped at Tanglin Mall... then walk all the way downwards.

But this time round we manage to bounce into the flea market @ Tanglin Mall. Took little Alex to the toilet cos' she want to pee.

The Starbucks there is crowded and no empty tables for us. Not even the wooden tables outside the coffee chain, so we left.

I thought this time why not we try something else instead of Starbucks every time, so I took her to Spinelli.

Classic Carrot Bar.

Little Alex is so greedy. She ate with her fingers, she ate with the spoon, and she drops bits and pieces of it on the floor. I told her to eat with the spoon only, and eats it slowly. I didn't want to bother with her too much, she is a big girl now... I read my magazines and she is also busying eating her cake. Oh yes, I forget to take a pic of the Banana Spin Coffee... So she is busy eating her cake and sipping her coffee.

Then she tapped me on the hand and pushed to her the plate "momo give papa eat..." This is what remains on the plate for me....

After that we left Forum Gallery and walk downwards. I was thinking of checking out at the Cold Stone Creamery at Orchard Central but it is still under renovation.

While on the way downwards, I took some more pics...

A Christmas tree made of coke cans. This was taken at Rendezvous Hotel. Little Alex wants to pee, so I took her inside.

Another Christmas tree... It was really that special about this Christmas tree design though... The reason why I took a pic of this tree is cos' I saw there is one unattended SMART adult translink card lying on the parapet. I guess could be purposely left there by some tourists who doesn't have any clue where to get the $1 refund, so I "helped" him to get the refund.

This Christmas tree was taken at City-link. There should be a star right on top but I obviously didn't capture it. I only realised it after I snap it and I wanted to retake it again but little Alex saw what I was trying to do and she lie prone on the floor to see the screen. So I just carry her up, smack her butt and left.
Now it's the pics of the lightings...

Can you figure out where are the 3 locations? No prizes for correct guess...

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