Monday, October 04, 2010

Just a quick re-cap of what's happening for the past week... Got no time to blog or either the internet is so damn slow it takes ages to upload the pics...

I went swimming for the first time, the last time I swam was perhaps in 2009. Sent little Alex to school so I went to Jurong East Swimming Complex with Albert.

No pics taken there, how to take pics when I'm all wet?

Enjoyed myself at the pink slide/blue slide/lazy river, then there comes the wave. But too bad there is no sun and even it was 12pm at that time, I still didn't get suntanned. The good part is the weather is raining so we have to get our ass out of the pool. So our money is not worth that day....

After swimming we went for our lunch. Albert said his friend got a Western food stall so we went there to patron his stall.

I tell you, this is damn nice and it worth every cent. This dish you can't find it anywhere else. The beef is stewed for 5 hours, very nice and tender.

As you all know, 1st of Oct is Children's Day. So I took little Alex out for her little day. Afterall, it's once a year event. Went to City Hall-Esplanade for a short walk.

Took some pics too...

Can't see clearly?

A close-up shot...

OMG! Someone just died on the pavement?

Haha, what does this implies?

Nothing much to see there so we took the train to Orchard. We had something to drink at Starbucks. Little Alex was a naughty girl there, she keep on running away from her chair and I had to keep on catching her back. She didn't want to sit still even when I threaten her to put her in the tall chair. Initially I didn't want to bother about her, afterall she runs off and later she will come back on her own. Then I saw she playing near to the door so I quickly took her off and left Tanglin Mall.
We went opposite to Orchard Parade Hotel for our lunch. We had Subway for our lunch. I ate most of it and little Alex had some too. And you know what, after our lunch she told me she wants to pee pee and she actually points to me where is the toilet. I just casually told her to go on her own, and she really did. I followed her at the back to see what she is up to...
She actually went right into the cubicle and took off her pants and sit onto of the toilet bowl. After doing her business she tear off the tissue paper to clean herself and pull her pants up. I didn't assist her, I just watch what she did. Then she pull my hand and went to wash her hands. Wow!!! So now she can go to the toilet on her own... but still I can't really let her go on her own.
Then I took her to the lobby to check out how much is the price for the lunch at the cafe over there.

Saw this nice clock at the top so I snap a pic of it.
The cafe... maybe next time I shall dine there with little Alex, but since we already had our lunch earlier on so we left the hotel.
Where to go next? As I took little Alex to the bus stop I saw something displaying outside the road...

There is a Japanese toy exhibition @ Japan Creative Centre, so we went it for a look. Anyway, it's free admission.
Too bad that little Alex can't sit still. The toys are really advanced. The robots can actually "talk" with you. What you communicate with them, they can remember your words. There is a demo @3pm but we left the place in less than 10 mins after we get there. Can you imagine there is even a girl dressed up in those anime outfits? Japanese girls mah...
We walked to Douby Ghaut, thought want to catch a soft toy for her but the toys there are not that nice so I dropped the idea. Little Alex keep on whining that she wants to take train train...
So we took the Circle Line.... to Kallang Leisure Park. I realised that I had been there before few years back. That time when I went there I drove so I got no impression, now I was there again then I remembered.
I spotted Yogi bear from a distance, I handed little Alex her seaweed for her to eat and I quickly snap a shot at it.
Nothing much to shop there too so we left again...
Then we went to Eastpoint @Simei. Never took little Alex there yet, so.... I asked her have we been there before and she said no... We had our tea-break there, had fried carrot cake with green tea. She didn't eat a lot during her lunch so I guess she must be hungry at that time. She did eat quite a lot, I keep on feeding her until she didn't want to eat anymore.
I just discovered something... Little Alex was quite timid when taking the lift. When the lift door opens, she would want me to hold her hand entering. So I push her inside and I say bye bye to her, she will yell and run out of the lift.
Nothing much to shop at Eastpoint, I thought of going home but I was thinking since we are already in the east side so why not take her to the Airport? The last time when we went there little Alex was still in sleeping mode, this time she is wide awake.
We went to Terminal 1,2,3... one at a time. My intention is to make her stay awake so that at nite she will sleep till the next morning.
Saw this big propeller at Terminal 1 or 2, I can't remember. Most probably it's at Terminal 1.

Saw this design at the ceiling at Terminal 3....

I am supposed to take little Alex to the viewing but she end of playing here. She saw other children climbing so she join in the fun too. And you know what, there is a sign that no climbing is allowed.
And that is little Alex's Children Day trip....

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