Thursday, October 28, 2010

Finished reading this book...

1st Ritual - Link Paycheck to Purpose.
The Ritual of a Compelling Future Focus
2nd Ritual - Manage by Mind, Lead by Heart.
The Ritual of Human Relations
3rd Ritual - Reward Routinely, Recognize Relentlessly.
The Ritual of Team Unity
4th Ritual - Surrender to Change.
The Ritual of Adaptability and Change Management
5th Ritual - Focus on the Worthy.
The Ritual of Personal Effectiveness
6th Ritual - Leader Lead Thyself.
The Ritual of Self-Leadership
7th Ritual - See What All See, Think What None Think.
The Ritual of Creativity and Innovation
8th Ritual - Link Leadership to Legacy.
The Ritual of Contribution and Significance

My new house is going to be ready, soon little Alex will be a little happy girl. She will have her own bicycle, her own table, her own chair, her own toys, etc.

outside the main door...

the door is new one...

the room's door knob...


do I need to introduce this?

my parent's room...

this is my room...

living room...

Extension for the wall... there will be a mini store-room..

Oops, got a little crack at the wall... and it's being settled.

kitchen... it's getting started....

this is what my kitchen will looks like.... tentatively.

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