Monday, August 16, 2010

Got back from work... Met little Alex and my dad downstairs... Little Alex was so happy when she saw me, she came running to me and wants me to hug her. She was drenched in her clothes... My dad told me that she was standing in the rain, refused to go back home cos' she was waiting for me to come home. So touched hearing that...

I fed her with a bottle of milk and we bathe together. Get dressed and I took her out. She wanted to take the MRT but I told her the place we are going later is more convenience by taking bus. We alighted at Orchard, little Alex is already sleeping in my arms. I went to Borders to check out the books, she then awake with her hair a bit messy. Let her drink from her water bottle, sit at the bench for a while...

Then we went to ION, she doesn't want to stay there for too long so we walk downwards. When we reached Takashimaya, she told me she was hungry so I bought for her some Hello Panda biscuits. Sit down outside Takashimaya... Little Alex was lying on my legs eating her biscuits. Then come a student he claims he's from Taiwan and he wants to do a short survey with me. Since I can't go anywhere so I help him to fill up a few questions. Lastly he took a picture with me and little Alex.

We continue walking downwards... Reached Meritus Hotel, took little Alex inside for a walk. Since we are there, I took little Alex with me to check out Chatterbox and Top of the M buffet restaurants....

Then we reached Cathay, I have to drag little Alex inside to wash her hands cos' they are so sticky. And I saw this:

Nice bike, huh?

Watched the Movie, Salt, yet?

And for our dinner, I took little Alex to Mad Jack @ POMO. In fact there are a couple of times I wanted to bring her there but she always shake her head. This time round she actually want to eat there. The timing was still early so we went to Cold Storage below for a short tour.

By the time we went back again, the tables inside are all taken so I took the table outside. Little Alex was drawing on the menu ordering slip while I look through the menu. I ask her what she wants to eat, show her a few options and guess what she choose? Beef lasagne...

Weight-Watcher: Carrot, tomato and cucumber...

Immunity-Booster: Orange, apple, cucumber.... this is for little Alex.

Grilled Ribeye with black pepper sauce... plus a little itchy hand.

Beef Lasagne.
The kitchen actually forgets my order and even after I had finished my Ribeye, it still have not arrived yet. I need to remind them again. I tolf her little Alex that this is what she ordered so she better finished it up. She took a bite and she told me she doesn't want it anymore...
Reason: She said it's too spicy for her.
So I end up finishing for her.
I thought of taking her to Coffee Bean for some spaghetti but she doesn't want to eat there.

Saw there is a display of dunno what was that, I just snap a few pics of them.

I took her for a walk inside CHIJMES. We were sitting at the stairs, I was telling her next time we shall eat there, eat there. She just nod her head.
Then she told me she wants to go home already.
So we took the train back home. When we reached Boon Lay, little Alex told me she is hungry so we went to Banquet for abalone noodles. While eating half-way, she told me she wants to go to toilet. I told her to finish her noodles then we go to toilet. She doesn't want to eat and she tried to get from from the tall chair, so I finished the noodles for her and hurried carry her to the toilet.
That little Alex, earlier her face was like so sour. After relieving herself, she was laughing.
Yesterday was the day where I didn't let her wear diapers when we were out. I think it's time that she can do without it.

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