Monday, July 12, 2010

Last Saturday, I got back home and the little lass jumped on me. So I thought why not bring her for buffet nearby. Furthermore she now is a little older, so she should be able to feast. So I pushed her to the bathroom, took a quick shower and off we go.

It was 4:50pm when we left the house and the buffet only starts at 6pm. I took her for a walk around and I have to stall the time until it was 6pm. Took her to see clothes, shoes, ice cream.... At last I even have to take her to walk around the stadium, 400m slow walk.

At last it was 6pm and I hurriedly took her to queue up. The best thing about this buffet restaurant is children under 12 and below 1.2m is free. So little Alex actually ate for free, ha! Such a good deal isn't for all restaurants here. I paid less than $30, for both. Little Alex is a good eater. Well I think she play with her food more than she eat. I gave her rice, prawn dumplings, chicken, chawa mushi, sushi and fried oyster. She had Ribena, which is mine at first. I gave her orange but she doesn't want to drink that.

It was a wonder that little Alex can in fact sit and eat for almost 2 hours.

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