Friday, July 23, 2010

Just come back home... Can't sleep cos' just now itchy backside pandai go and drink KFC coffee... Now I'm wide awake...

Share some pics I took just now...

This pic is so funny... No mum mum, no gao gao ju, and no pok pok... So that means I cannot pok pok little Alex there anymore. BTW, this sign is taken at Mandarin Hotel.

Taken at Four Seasons Hotel..

Little god-mother went to Hong Kong/Macau last week and she bought for her these:

Hmm... I dunno is this a top and a dress....

This is a dress lah... it was kinda thick at the below part. Just now I asked little Alex if she likes it and she nod her head. So this Sunday she is going to wear this going out.

this is not a massager, it's a toy for little Alex. You can switched it on and there will be music and lights flashing..

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