Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wow... Next month will be Youth Olympics Games, 14th - 26th aug held in Singapore. And guess what, Herbalife again are sponsoring athletics, from Singapore... Want to see who, click at the below picture...


(HIGH JUMP – 1.80)

(LONG JUMP 7.53)


Here are some of the partners I get to know during these 2 yrs... Wow, look how much they transformed themselves?


Improved in my hormones disorder, nose sensitivity and post-natal blues. In 6 months I lost 6 kgs. During my whole pregnancy, I continued to use the products. Even my baby used it for his milk.
Look how good she looks like now?

Before introduced to Herbalife products, I was trying hundreds of methods for losing my weight and started suffering from the problems of anorexia (loss of the wish to eat), guzzling sickness (eat greedily) and oppressive food sickness(takes away the food from the throat after eating everytimes).Because of the sickness that I faced, my weight kept up and down for few years times, I lost 30+kg and gained the 30 kg again when I suffered the oppressive food sickness.After taking the good nutrition of Shapeworks, my weight turned to the ideal weight condition and maintained it succesfully untill now. I used to have the problem seriously in gastric and water retention. Since then, my health problems improved!!

See how wonderful she is feeling right now?

3 months lost 18 pounds, 4 inches off my waist, 3 inches off my hip, improved in my sensitive skin, gastric and constipation

Imagine how confident she feels right now?

Lost 5 pounds in 1 month, improved in my sensitive skin, constipation and kicked my habit of drinking one coffee every day.

See how pretty she is looking right now?

What's the use of the whole world knows you, everyone knows how you looks like but your own mother doesn't remember how you looks like?

Friday, July 23, 2010

Just come back home... Can't sleep cos' just now itchy backside pandai go and drink KFC coffee... Now I'm wide awake...

Share some pics I took just now...

This pic is so funny... No mum mum, no gao gao ju, and no pok pok... So that means I cannot pok pok little Alex there anymore. BTW, this sign is taken at Mandarin Hotel.

Taken at Four Seasons Hotel..

Little god-mother went to Hong Kong/Macau last week and she bought for her these:

Hmm... I dunno is this a top and a dress....

This is a dress lah... it was kinda thick at the below part. Just now I asked little Alex if she likes it and she nod her head. So this Sunday she is going to wear this going out.

this is not a massager, it's a toy for little Alex. You can switched it on and there will be music and lights flashing..

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Ending Procrastination by Jim Rohn

Perseverance is about as important to achievement as gasoline is to driving a car. Sure, there will be times when you feel like you're spinning your wheels, but you'll always get out of the rut with genuine perseverance. Without it, you won't even be able to start your engine.
The opposite of perseverance is procrastination. Perseverance means you never quit. Procrastination usually means you never get started, although the inability to finish something is also a form of procrastination.

Ask people why they procrastinate, and you'll often hear something like this: "I'm a perfectionist. Everything has to be just right before I can get down to work. No distractions, not too much noise, no telephone calls interrupting me and, of course, I have to be feeling well physically, too. I can't work when I have a headache." The other end of procrastination—being unable to finish—also has a perfectionist explanation: "I'm just never satisfied. I'm my own harshest critic. If all the I's aren't dotted and all the T's aren't crossed, I just can't consider that I'm done. That's just the way I am, and I'll probably never change."

Do you see what's going on here? A fault is being turned into a virtue. The perfectionist is saying that his standards are just too high for this world. This fault-into-virtue syndrome is a common defense when people are called upon to discuss their weaknesses, but, in the end, it's just a very pious kind of excuse-making. It certainly doesn't have anything to do with what's really behind procrastination.

Remember, the basis of procrastination could be fear of failure. That's what perfectionism really is, once you take a hard look at it. What's the difference whether you're afraid of being less than perfect or afraid of anything else? You're still paralyzed by fear. What's the difference whether you never start or never finish? You're still stuck. You're still going nowhere. You're still overwhelmed by whatever task is before you. You're still allowing yourself to be dominated by a negative vision of the future in which you see yourself being criticized, laughed at, punished or ridden out of town on a rail. Of course, this negative vision of the future is really a mechanism that allows you to do nothing. It's a very convenient mental tool.

I'm going to tell you how to overcome procrastination. I'm going to show you how to turn procrastination into perseverance, and if you do what I suggest, the process will be virtually painless. It involves using two very powerful principles that foster productivity and perseverance instead of passivity and procrastination.

The first principle is: Break it down.

No matter what you're trying to accomplish, whether it's writing a book, climbing a mountain or painting a house, the key to achievement is your ability to break down the task into manageable pieces and knock them off one at one time. Focus on accomplishing what's right in front of you at this moment. Ignore what's off in the distance someplace. Substitute real-time positive thinking for negative future visualization. That's the first all-important technique for bringing an end to procrastination.

Suppose I were to ask you if you could write a 400-page novel. If you're like most people, that would sound like an impossible task. But suppose I ask you a different question. Suppose I ask if you can write a page and a quarter a day for one year. Do you think you could do it? Now the task is starting to seem more manageable. We're breaking down the 400-page book into bite-size pieces. Even so, I suspect many people would still find the prospect intimidating. Do you know why? Writing a page and a quarter may not seem so bad, but you're being asked to look ahead one whole year. When people start to look that far ahead, many of them automatically go into a negative mode. So let me formulate the idea of writing a book in yet another way. Let me break it down even more.

Suppose I were to ask you: Can you fill up a page and a quarter with words, not for a year, not for a month, not even for a week, but just today? Don't look any further ahead than that. I believe most people would confidently declare that they could accomplish that. Of course, these would be the same people who feel totally incapable of writing a whole book.
If I said the same thing to those people tomorrow—if I told them, "I don't want you to look back, and I don't want you to look ahead, I just want you to fill up a page and a quarter this very day"—do you think they could do it?

One day at a time. We've all heard that phrase. That's what we're doing here. We're breaking down the time required for a major task into one-day segments, and we're breaking down the work involved in writing a 400-page book into page-and-a-quarter increments.
Keep this up for one year, and you'll write the book. Discipline yourself to look neither forward nor backward, and you can accomplish things you never thought you could possibly do. And it all begins with those three words: Break it down.

My second technique for defeating procrastination is also only three words long. The three words are: Write it down. We know how important writing is to goal-setting. The writing you'll do for beating procrastination is very similar. Instead of focusing on the future, however, you're now going to be writing about the present just as you experience it every day. Instead of describing the things you want to do or the places you want to go, you're going to describe what you actually do with your time, and you're going to keep a written record of the places you actually go.

In other words, you're going to keep a diary of your activities. And you're going to be amazed by the distractions, detours and downright wastes of time you engage in during the course of a day. All of these get in the way of achieving your goals. For many people, it's almost like they planned it that way, and maybe at some unconscious level they did. The great thing about keeping a time diary is that it brings all this out in the open. It forces you to see what you're actually doing—and what you're not doing.

The time diary doesn't have to be anything elaborate. Just buy a little spiral notebook that you can easily carry in your pocket. When you go to lunch, when you drive across town, when you go to the dry cleaners, when you spend some time shooting the breeze at the copying machine, make a quick note of the time you began the activity and the time it ends. Try to make this notation as soon as possible. If it's inconvenient to do it immediately, you can do it later. But you should make an entry in your time diary at least once every 30 minutes, and you should keep this up for at least a week.

Break it down. Write it down. These two techniques are very straightforward. But don't let that fool you: These are powerful and effective productivity techniques that allow you put an end to procrastination and help you get started achieving your goals.
Bad Luck, Bad Choices and Bad Habits by Chris Widener

We were at some friend’s house one day and the wife mentioned some other acquaintances of ours. “It sure is too bad, all the bad luck they have,” she said.

My first thought was, “Bad habits, not bad luck.”

My second thought was, “Or is it bad choices?”

You see, there is a difference. What we many times call bad luck is merely bad choices. Let me explain:

If you work hard, buy a new car, keep it up with regular maintenance and blow a tire driving down the road, then that is bad luck.

However, if you drive on your tires until they are almost bald and drive at speeds higher than they are recommended for, and keep them at the wrong inflation level, and then the tire blows, that is not bad luck but bad choices. The tire blew because you chose not to buy new ones. The tire blew because you chose not to take the time to check your tire inflation level the last time you filled up the tank.

It is bad luck to leave your house on vacation and while you are away the gas line breaks and the house blows up.

It is bad habits to not tend to taking care of your house, replacing the roof, painting, etc., until it is a junk pile.

It is bad luck to be let go from a company that goes into meltdown because the CEO acts unethically and the stock tanks, forcing layoffs.

It is both bad choices and bad habits to be late to work every day, display shoddy workmanship and have a bad attitude to the point that the boss fires you.

If you choose to frequent shady parts of town or risky establishments, and you get mugged, is that bad luck or bad choices?

You get the point.

How often do we call something bad luck when it is really the result of bad habits or bad choices? This really boils down to a matter of ownership of our lives and actions. Do we take full responsibility for our lives or not?

I know of a gentleman who was recently passed over for a job. It would have paid him $13,000 for a week’s worth of work. The person who passed him over told me why. Knowing this gentleman, I said, “It is too bad, because with a few good choices, that guy could be living in a nice house, driving nice cars, and having very few financial problems.”

What about you? Do you experience bad luck? Or bad habits? Or bad choices?

The next time you hear someone say, “He’s down on his luck,” perhaps you ought to ask, “Or is he down on his choices?”

I have found that those who have good habits and make good choices tend to experience the best luck! So, if you want a little good luck, make some good choices and develop some good habits.

Multiple Skills for the 21st Century by Jim Rohn

I believe that in the 21st century it is so important to have multiple skills. But what I also find is that—if you are already in sales, network marketing or have an entrepreneurial business (or plan to in the future)—you can gain the needed skills for the future while you create your income now.

Here's my short list for on-the-job training, so that you can learn while you earn.

I began my journey with sales, which of course dynamically changed my life back at age 25. The first year I multiplied my income by five. I was raised in farm country. I knew how to milk cows, but it didn't pay well. But sales altered the course of my life, learning to present a valid product in the marketplace, talk about its virtues and get somebody to say “yes.” And then give them good service.

Then came recruiting, how to expand my business, build an organization. We have all heard the question, Is it better to have one person selling $1,000 or have 100 people selling $10? If you ask me, I'll take the 100 at $10. Recruiting, the ability to multiply your efforts, once mastered, is one of life's and leadership's greatest time-management resources.

Then I learned organizing. Keeping your own schedule can be difficult at times, but now you have to balance multiple tasks and people to get maximum results. But you will find that the payoff is massive once you have tapped into the synergy and momentum of group dynamics and teamwork.

Next is promotion. First it's the spring campaign and then the fall campaign, and then it's this month's objective's campaign. You never know when it's going to click for someone to want or need to buy from you or be a part of what you are doing, so having the offer or the special or the contest going when they're ready can make all the difference.

Then it's the recognition. Some people work harder for recognition than they do for money. It's the chance to belong. It helps to get people to do something that, ordinarily on their own, they wouldn't think of doing. They could, but they don't think of it. You come along with a little promotion for this month or this quarter, and everything changes for them, and I found that paid big money.

Then I learned communication: how to do the training, how to do the teaching, and probably the greatest gift of all is learning how to inspire with words. Inspire people to see themselves better than they are—all of those gifts, all of those skills. Be the voice that tells them they have made a wise decision, and why.

Now, I believe with just this little short list I've given you, you'll be equipped. We've all watched what has happened the last 15 years. The guy had one skill—the company downsizes. His division is eliminated and since he only had one skill, now he is vulnerable. He's wandering around saying, “Oh my, the last few years I should have taken some classes that would have taught me a couple of more things and I wouldn't be here in this vulnerable position.”

So my admonition: Learn some multiple skills, or should we say, backup skills for the 21st century, and there's no better place to learn them than in what you're already doing now.

What in the World Are You Doing? by Chris Widener

Let’s talk about leaving an impact legacy. “What is an impact legacy?” you may ask. It is how you impact people and the world around you. You see, many people glide through life and do not make much of an impact. That is unfortunate. Others, though, those driven by a purpose and passion for living, are continually making the world a better place and making an impact wherever they go. That’s what I believe you want to do.

In order to help you reflect on this, I want to ask you a question: What in the world are you doing?

Here is the typical life—typical, though not everybody does it this way. For the most part, people’s lives generally go something like this:

You’re born
You eat and sleep
You play with toys
You go to school
You play Little League
You go to school
You learn to drive
You go to school
You leave high school
You go to more school, but you pay for it now
You get a job
You get married
You buy a house
You have kids
You watch your kids eat, sleep, play and go to school
You work, work and work
You retire
You die

That’s the basic life, isn’t it? I know there is more to it, but that is about it for most people.
Here is that question again: What in the world are you doing?

I mean, what are you doing besides the typical “enjoying yourself while you are waiting to die” scenario? What kind of impact are you making?

What I believe sets the successful apart is that they don’t just live the average life. They don’t just pass time. They make an impact. They have something compelling in their life that drives them—something that gives them an answer when they are asked that question: What in the world are you doing?

I’m helping children.
I’m creating a business that supports many families.
I lead a church.
I am defending our liberties.
I am raising great children.
I’m teaching others to improve their lives.
I help people have fun.
I create memories for people.

In other words, successful people always come down to this: I make an impact and help other people by (fill in your purpose here).

What in the world are you doing?

If you want to be successful, you need to be able to answer that by describing how you help others. If you aren’t helping others, if you aren’t making an impact, you are just taking up space, eating food and waiting to die.

Here’s the question for you to answer and what to do with your answer: What in the world are you doing?

If you know, then you are good to go—live it and make an impact!

If you don’t know, then maybe you need to reflect on what you are doing, what your life is about, and how you can explode the mundane bubble you may be living in!

The world needs impact makers—so live to be one!

Personal Development: The Plan by Jim Rohn

As we all know, our results are only as good as our plan. My mentor, Mr. Shoaff, taught me that it's not what happens that determines the major part of our future, because what happens, happens to us all. Instead, he taught me that the key is what we do about it. If we start the process of change by developing a plan, doing something different in this next year than we did the previous year, it won't matter how small those efforts start.

Start doing different things with the same set of circumstances—the ones we've always had and cannot change—and see what miracles occur. If we start the miracle process and change ourselves, then everything changes. And here's what is interesting: the difference between success and failure is so subtle. Let me explain by giving you my definitions of failure and success. Here it is: Failure is a few errors in judgment repeated every day. The man says, "Well I didn't walk around the block today and it didn't kill me, so it must be okay." No, no, it is that kind of error in judgment that after six years has him out of breath and panting as he walks from his car to his office. You can't make those kinds of mistakes; it will end up costing you.

Now, here is my definition of success: A few simple disciplines practiced every day. Do you see the distinction? A few disciplines. Here's a little phrase we've all heard: "An apple a day keeps the doctor away." And my question to you is, "What if that's true?" How simple and easy is that plan?

The fact is, when you look at successful people, you will almost always discover a plan behind their success. They know what they want, they work out a plan that will get them where they want to go, and they work their plan. It is the foundation for success. We as humans have the unique ability to effect change in our lives; it is through our own conscious choice when we engage in the miracle process of personal development that we are able to transform our nature and our lives.

So, what are some good ideas on developing a plan that will work well and take you to the finish line powerfully and in style? Here are some major points to keep in mind:

Develop the Plan for You. Some people are very detail-oriented and they will be able to follow an intricate plan closely. Others are a little more freewheeling and aren't really "detail" people. That is okay too. In all the years of my speaking to audiences worldwide, people have asked the question, "What plan is the right plan?" And my answer: the plan that fits you—your plan, the one you develop that is unique to you and for you. You see, each of us is unique and motivated by different factors, and you've got to develop one that is right for you and fits you. Some plans will not be as intricate as others, but we all must have a plan, along with goals in that plan, to move us along the program. If you are a free spirit type, don't tell yourself you are going to spend two hours a day with a book and tapes and journal. It probably won't happen and you will get discouraged. Whatever your personality, your strengths and your weaknesses, develop the plan around them! This is not a one-plan-fits-all proposition.

Establish Times to Spend Working on the Material. It may be every Sunday night. It may be 20 minutes each morning. It may be in the car listening to the CDs every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Whatever it is, set the times and do it. In your step-by-step plan, put down points that you can accomplish every week. They should be specific and achievable. Develop the discipline and take those steps every day, which will move you closer to your goals and where you want to be.

Keep a Journal. Take notes. It may be on paper, it may be on a micro-recorder. Mr. Shoaff taught me not to trust my memory, but to write it down, to find one place to gather the information that effects change. And that advice has served me well all these years. Record the ideas and inspiration that will carry you from where you are to where you want to be. Take notes on the ideas that impact you most. Put down your thoughts and ideas. Brainstorm with yourself on where you are going and what you want to do. Record your dreams and ambitions. Your journals are a gathering place for all the valuable information that you will find. If you are serious about becoming wealthy, powerful, sophisticated, healthy, influential, cultured, unique, if you come across something important, write it down. Two people will listen to the same material and different ideas will come to each one. Use the information you gather and record it for further reflection, for future debate and for weighing the value that it is to you.

Reflect. Create time for reflection—a time to go back over, to study again the things you've learned and the things you've done each day. I call it "running the tapes again" so that the day locks firmly in your memory so that it serves as a tool. As you go through the material in this plan, you will want to spend time reflecting on its significance for you. Regularly set aside time. Here are some good guidelines for times to reflect: At the end of the day. Take a few minutes at the end of each day and go back over the day—who you talked to, who you saw, what they said, what happened and how you felt, what went on. A day is the piece of the mosaic of your life. Next, take a few hours at the end of the week to reflect on the week's activities. I would suggest at least a half hour. Also during that weekly time, take a few minutes to reflect on how this material should be applied to your life and circumstances. Take a half day at the end of the month and a weekend at the end of the year so that you've got it so that it never disappears, to ensure that the past is even more valuable and will serve your future well.

Set Goals. Your plan is the roadmap for how you are going to get to your goals, so you have to
have them. Of all the things that changed my life for the better (and most quickly), it was learning how to set goals. Mastering this unique process can have a powerful effect on your life too. I remember shortly after I met Mr. Shoaff, he asked me if I had a list of my goals, and of course I didn't. He suggested to me that because I lacked a set of clearly defined goals that he could guess my bank balance within a few hundred dollars... and he did! Well, Mr. Shoaff immediately began helping me define my view of the future, my dreams. He taught me to set goals because it is the greatest influence on a person's future and the greatest force that will pull a person in the direction that they want to go. But the future must be planned and well-designed to exert a force that pulls you toward the promise of what can be.

Act. Act on your plan. What separates the successful from the unsuccessful so many times is that the successful simply do it. They take action; they aren't necessarily smarter than others, they just work the plan. And the time to act is when the emotion is strong. Because if you don't, here's what happens: it's called the law of diminishing intent. We intend to act when the idea strikes us, when the emotion is high, but if we delay and we don't translate that into action fairly soon, the intention starts to diminish, and a month from now it's cold and a year from now it can't be found. So set up the discipline when the idea is strong, clear and powerful—that's the time to work the plan. Otherwise the emotion is wasted unless you capture the emotion and put it into disciplined activities and translate it into equity. And here's what is interesting: all disciplines affect each other; everything affects everything. That's why the smallest action is important—because the value and benefits that you receive from that one little action will inspire you to do the next one and the next one.

So step out and take action on your plan, because if the plan is good, then the results can be miraculous.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Last Saturday, little Alex was a noti girl, so noti... Till I had to scold her. She was crying till her face is all wet with her tears and mucus. I took her to LG service centre @ Alexandra cos' my LG phone is kinda faulty. It cannot slide up and down, it was stuck at halfway and it means I cannot do my SMS. So We took the bus to Alexandra from Boon Lay Interchange. When we board the bus, little Alex was still ok. All the way there, she is fine but when the bus reached Pasir Panjang, she got cranky and started to make a lot of noise. Just a few bus stops away so I just keep on pacifying her we are reaching soon.

Finally we got down the bus and she refused to walk so I gotta carry her. When we reached the LG service centre, I put her on the couch and she doesn't want to sit still. Instead she took off her shoes and placed them right at the centre of the hall. Barefooted, she was jumping on the couch. So I doesn't want the staff to be annoyed and I took her into the home theatre room where we can watch TV. I make for myself a mocha and gave her a cup of plain water. She wanted my mocha and she spilled the mocha on herself and a bit on the carpet. I gotta clean her up and warned her to sit still.

Soon it was my turn to collect my phone and I closed the door, leaving little Alex inside cos' I doesn't want her to run about. She opens the door and come out looking for me, and I had to push her back into the room again. After checking that my phone is ok I went back to pack up... And guess what, little Alex locked the door from inside.

I was pointing to her to open the door but she doesn't. In the end I had to get the staff there to get the key to open the door. And I gave her a good scolding, she knew she was in trouble and she just keep quiet doesn't want to look at me. You know the expression when she got into trouble and she will place her hands in front of her and he eyes will be looking down and occasionally glanced at you...

I told her does she know how dangerous it was to lock the door... What if inside there is a fire and how am I supposed to save her... Why she doesn't want to open the door when she knows how to open it... And I walk out of the service centre leaving her pulling me from behind. All the way she was crying as I was walking out till we reached the bus-stop. I doesn't want to carry her and I told her to sit by herself. She doesn't stop crying and her eyes are so red. All the while she was clinching onto me but I just doesn't want to carry her. She was like crying for a good 10 mins before I carried her up. I told her not to be so noti again...

We took the bus to Central Mall. We had our lunch there... Then we walked around the place, initially I wanted to treat her for ice cream but there isn't any good place to eat so we left the place to Clarke Quay. I remembered there is a stall that sells Turkish ice cream. Little Alex was happily eating her ice cream. We shared the ice cream, you know she will stick out her little tongue and I rubbed the ice cream onto her tongue.

I wanted to take her to Liang Court but she doesn't want to walk that way, so we didn't go there. So the next stop is further up North-east. Where to go after that? To Sengkang...

I saw this design so I snapped a pic of it.

Basically there isn't much to shop there. I saw Starbucks there but there's no empty tables, so...

Called Celine but she is not at home. Initially thought of visiting her at home cos' she always complained her house is too big; a 3 storey house leh... She was at Toa Payoh with her client and got a scolding from her cos' she said why I only inform her last minute. Next time have to tell her one day beforehand. How I know she isn't at home woh... Normally she will be sleeping at home mah. Can play with her BMW Z4... hehe. Never mind since she is busy with her work.

Nothing to see at Sengkang so we left and went to Punggol... There is even worse!!! Not a shopping centre in sight. I didn't exit the gate, I only recce the place from inside.

Took the train again and went to Douby Ghaut. Took little Alex to Park Mall to check out @ Kublai Khan Mongolian Restaurant. Maybe next time little Alex can dine there.

Walked to Orchard Central cos' got nowhere else to go. I also need to go to the gents so I tagged her along with me. Anyway inside the cubicle there is a baby restraint, just nice for noti girls like little Alex.

Saw this design at the basement so....

Never never pry open the door, you will get a shock with what lies behind...

Little Alex is sleepy by then, so I told her to have her dinner first before going home. We went to Lucky Plaza, there is this nice Philippines stall that sells great food.

Got rice, got soup, and the Filipino dessert (dun ask me what was that)...

this is the hot plate, chicken meat on the left.

this is called goto, one kind of Filipino porridge.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Early in the morning got nothing to do so I design a jersey for myself. FC Barcelona one, haha...

Nice? Why 19? Cos' 19 is my birth date...

Of cos', how can I leave little Alex out of this deal. She got her jersey too. Why both are 19, cos' 19 is oso her birth-date.

Thursday, July 15, 2010


伍思凱每天早上大罐配小罐... 连伍思凱也用康寶萊...您还在等什麽!!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Last Saturday, I got back home and the little lass jumped on me. So I thought why not bring her for buffet nearby. Furthermore she now is a little older, so she should be able to feast. So I pushed her to the bathroom, took a quick shower and off we go.

It was 4:50pm when we left the house and the buffet only starts at 6pm. I took her for a walk around and I have to stall the time until it was 6pm. Took her to see clothes, shoes, ice cream.... At last I even have to take her to walk around the stadium, 400m slow walk.

At last it was 6pm and I hurriedly took her to queue up. The best thing about this buffet restaurant is children under 12 and below 1.2m is free. So little Alex actually ate for free, ha! Such a good deal isn't for all restaurants here. I paid less than $30, for both. Little Alex is a good eater. Well I think she play with her food more than she eat. I gave her rice, prawn dumplings, chicken, chawa mushi, sushi and fried oyster. She had Ribena, which is mine at first. I gave her orange but she doesn't want to drink that.

It was a wonder that little Alex can in fact sit and eat for almost 2 hours.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Wow... Shakira is damn hot... Enjoy!!!

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Today I went to Popular bookshop and shop around. Little Alex is not with me so she is not going to disturb me, haha...

Great fan of Robin Sharma, and when I saw that he written a new book I bought it. Lessons from the Monk...

Last Saturday took little Alex out after my work. She was running towards me when I just stepped into the house. So I told her that we are going out after I washed myself.

We went to Anchorpoint for our dinner first. I asked her if she wants to eat at the food court but she dun want. So we went up to level one.... Then I saw there is KFC and it had been some time since I last ate KFC so we had our dinner there. I gave her my whipped potato and colesaw, and I had all my 3 pieces of chicken. haha....

Then we went around to shop for some new clothes for little Alex. Went to a few shops.... Tried on the shoes too. I thought of buying Crocs for her cos' there is one shop that sells it at a discount price. Oh yeah, it was the real stuffs but there is only a few designs so....

After that we went to Fox kids. Saw a pair of pants quite nice, so I pushed little Alex into the changing room to let her try it on. It comes with white and pink... I choose the pink one cos' the white one will gets dirty and it will be pretty obvious. You know that little girl isn't those goody girl, she likes to sit anyhow on the floor and wipe her hands. Anyway, the little girl also choose pink herself.

Then we went opposite to IKEA for shopping for new furniture. Little Alex keep on running around @ IKEA. She will go missing, then shortly after you can hear her wailing sound... Many couples were there like measuring the furniture, the sofa, etc. It was a nice feeling when you're there shopping for your own home with your loves ones. Both of you can discuss what to get, what to decorate, what to display... In fact, I went there with all my g/fs before. It was a sweet memories for me too.

Ok, now back to reality. I had in mind what to get so I took little Alex and eixt IKEA. I thought of going home straight but she told me she is hungry. I teach her to rub her tummy when she is hungry, and pat her tummy when she is full. So I took her to Anchorpoint again and see if there is anything for her to eat.

This time round, we went to Secret Recipe...

Green Apple Kasturi...

Pecan Butterscotch

See, she dug holes with her fork...

Little Alex was really hungry cos' she almost finished the whole slice of Pecan Butterscotch and half of the Green Apple Kasturi. I asked her that why she didn't tell me she is not full when we are eating at KFC earlier. We can still eat some more... She just look at me and smile...

By the time we got home, it was closed to 11pm. Little Alex was so tired and she slept through the whole nite without even changing into her home clothes.


On Sunday, I took little Alex to West Coast Plaza. It was a nicer shopping mall now then the previous Ginza Plaza. That was ages ago since I last went there. Got New York, New York... Starbucks, Coffee Bean, etc. But there isn't any food court there... I mean who would want to eat at the food court where there is such a big hawker centre opposite. We hang around at Starbucks cos' I was still full. I guess little Alex is not hungry yet too.

We left West Coast Plaza and went to Sakura. Anyone knows there is a Sakura at the top of Clementi Woods. I thought of just going up there to take a look. And there is really customers eatinng there. I think it's a good place to dine at night time. You can enjoy your food with the surroundings all green and serene. I didn't know that little Alex can eat there for free cos' she is less than 1.2m tall and below the age of 12. So next time, I shall bring her there.

I wanted to take little Alex to Har Par Villa. In fact I was about to alight the bus but she shake her head so we didn't went there. Instead we went to VivoCity. When I alighted there, she was already sleeping in my arms.

Sunday was not a really interesting day for us. We didn't go to many places, in fact. Then we took the train to Douby Ghaut. There we walked down to City Hall and we had our dinner there.

Boring post, huh?

Thursday, July 01, 2010

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