Sunday, June 13, 2010

Tuesday took momo to Jurong Point cos' the lass was whining that she wants to go out. So we took the bus to Jurong Point. The first place I thought of is Billy Bombers. Momo loves the drinks there.

It looks like teh tarik, right? But this is not, it is root beer float.

Baked mussels, yum yum...

Today is Sunday and momo went out with me again. Today momo wakes up very early. Not yet 8am and she is awake, comes to my room and hug me. I tried to pacify her to sleep again, told her that it's still early to go out but she doesn't want to sleep. Instead she wanted to watch DVD, so I let her.
At 9am, pushed momo to bathe and by 10am we are out of the house. We took the train to City Hall, had our lunch at Funan Centre. Actually momo was sleeping while on the way to City Hall, I had to go to Challenger for a walk while waiting for momo to wake up. Soon she wakes up, she runs around and hide her backpack underneath the display... I saw her standing there laughing and I ask her "where is your bag", she points there and run away... Aiyo....
We went to the foodcourt one level below for our lunch. Momo say her feet hurts so she took off her shoes. I feed her with one bowl of rice, she ate half of it only and I finished for her.
Then I took momo for coffee break... To Tom N Toms. (sorry no pics was taken there)

Momo was a disaster when she was there. She keep on climbing onto the shelves, run around the place and she even overthrown a cup of water. Anyway, we have this green mint mocha tomnccino. It doesn't taste superb... The seats are great and the whole place is pretty quiet. Basically it's a good place to hang out, if not for momo creating havoc there I would have stay till I'm done with my coffee. .
They should have toddler's chair...
Then we went for dessert at Somerset @ Central restaurant.



Actually this is not momo wanted to eat. She wants water melon + bean curd. This is for me but when I realised that I ordered the wrong one, I gave mine to her. You know, momo really remembers what we ordered the last time when we came there. She hold onto my finger and points to me that "papa eat this" and "momo eat that".


After desserts, we walk all the way downwards, to Raffles City. Of cos' we didn't walk all the way there as in we didn't stop while on the way there. We in fact go and check out is there any place for dinner, to the toilet and so forth. It was just touch and go so I didn't want to elaborate too much here. I thought of bringing momo to Mad Jack for dinner but momo doesn't want to eat there, then I took her to this Turkish restaurant @ Rendezvous Hotel, momo said she is not hungry yet.
Hey! I just found out that momo now knows when she is hungry she will rub her tummy, and when she is full she will pat her tummy. "Hungry rub rub my tummy, full pat pat my tummy".
Since she is not hungry and the dinner time is still early so we went in and walk around. Also to change diapers for her too. Then as we are at the 3rd level, we heard there is drum beats from below. So we went all the way down...

2 Indian guys performing drum beats. I tell you they are really good at it.
Then the time is about 8pm so I took momo for dinner.
Then we saw another performance...

So you see this is not a statue... She can moves and she even invite ppl from the audience to dance with her.
Next one before we exit Raffles City...

This guy was actually juggling 3 knives above these 2 men. Wow!!!
Momo was bad, when I told her papa was taking her for dinner she keep on saying she is still full. So I told her in that case, momo will only drink while papa had his dinner... She say ok. But when I was having my dinner she said she wants to eat too. Can't really trust her words... tsk tsk...
So now I also become smart. Whenever I order food, I make sure that the food is something that she also can eat. Not hot/spicy... Momo likes to eat noodles.

This t-shirt is so cute. From this pic it looks like an adult size but it was a SS. I bought it after I questioned momo does she like it. I let her choose either yellow or pink, she choose yellow.
Momo, the little miss sunshine.

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