Monday, June 28, 2010

Saturday, as usual momo wakes up very early during the weekends, considered she only slept the night before after 12am. She keeps on disturbing me playing Facebook, so I have to exterminate her first. She really doesn't want to get to bed anymore during weekends. If it was weekdays, she would love to sleep some more. The best is she doesn't need to go to school at all. But it was weekends and I was at home and she knows that I'll be bringing her out later, so she wouldn't want to go to bed.
We took the MRT to City Hall. Why City Hall cos' at night I got something for her. In the mean
time, I just share some pics that I took on Wednesday nite.
I was resting outside ION when I saw in the display from far...

What does it supposed to mean? It makes me think of Super Mario Bros... hehe.

Oh no, Tweety Bird is being attacked by the vicious snake... help, help!! The snake was actually given to little Alex by someone. Last week, we went to Tanjong Pagar and we were drinking at 7-Eleven. The lady at the counter gave this snake to little Alex.
Ok, back to my posts, we took the train to City Hall. When I reached there, little Alex was asleep in my arms so I walked to Marina Square, time for lunch. I was hungry but I doesn't know about little Alex. Since she still haven't wake up so I shop around first. When she woke up I took her to Yoshinoya. She is always like that, when I asked her if she is hungry or not, she will shake her head but when the food comes, she wants to eat too. I upsized my rice and gave her a share.
Then we went over to Millennium Walk. Thought want there will be some interesting stuffs for her to see, but nothing much. Starbucks, we have been to many times already...

As we are coming down the escalator, saw this nice design so I snap a shot of it.

Nothing under the roof to see, so we went outdoors.
Nice looking windows...

I had to retake this shot a few times until I get this... I even had to "almost" lie flat on the ground.

Same as this shot too. Little Alex keeps on pulling my shirt off, and I gotta shoo her away, make her sit at the corner...

Do you agree the above 4 designs are unique? You know, people are so weird... They won't take any photos until they saw someone does it first. When I took out my mobile phone, they people will follow suit.

There is water flowing down, not just still water at the bottom.
After that, we went back to Marina Square. Little Alex runs around the place for a while before she pester me to carry her. So we went to Suntec City cos' the main idea of today's trip is at Suntec City.
The time is still early so we went to Carrefour. Put in a $1 coin and let little Alex sit inside the shopping trolley while I push her around the place. I think the security knows that I was just pushing her around cos' there isn't any stuffs in my trolley.
Then soon it's time to "discard" the trolley... Of cos' I took out my $1 coin.
I asked little Alex does she want to have dinner first or see the performance first. She sort of want to eat first. So we went to the food court at basement 1. There are many stores there, there are also many empty tables available but there are no tall chairs at sight so we didn't eat there.
"Why not we go and see the performance first?" Little Alex nod her head.
This is the performance I wanted to let little Alex to see. Although it was only a 10 mins thing, I thought little Alex will enjoy it. That was what I supposed at first, but that little girl doesn't seems to enjoy it. Instead she was running around the place, getting her top wet. I had to catch her back a few times, make her sit down with me but she went missing a minute later. So I just let her explore herself while keeping an eye on her.

After the performance, we went for dinner. Walked around the area searching... Little Alex keeps on putting her finger in her mouth (signs of she is hungry), and I keep on telling her that we are going to have dinner soon. At first I thought of taking her to Kenny Roger's but the place is full of people and I don't think little Alex would want to queue up outside. Then I told her why not we go to Mac... She nod her head. As I was walking towards Mac, I spotted Pastamania...

Little Alex loves to eat pasta, so that is where our dinner is...

This is my drink, Sprite... but little Alex wants mine more than hers. Oh yes, hers is fruit punch.

This is the kiddy meal...

And this is mine, Meat balls.

Tomato soup, for me... Little Alex doesn't like it, so... it's all mine.

Garlic bread; one for me and one for little Alex.

Can you believe it? They had served over 1.9 million plates of pasta?!?!

As we are eating, little Alex spilled her cup of fruit punch. Luckily the cup wasn't full, just less than half full or else her pants will get wet. The waitress is very nice and she got a table cloth to wipe for us. Little Alex seems to know what she had done and she look at me sheepishly. I didn't scold her though but give her a warning.

After dinner, we went back home. Little Alex didn't sleep while on the way back. She was even wide awake when we reached home.


On Sunday, same thing I took little Alex out again. Again she wakes up so early despite she only sleep for a few hours. I was about to blog and she came into my room. So I can't blog and I have to push her back to where she came from. She just lie down there, turning. I knew that my plot had failed so I told her we are going out soon.
She watched her DVD and jumping around the house... At 9am I told her to go and bathe.
Initially she doesn't want to go bathe, she still wants to watch DVD but I kinda half push half psycho her to bathe. So in the end she end up playing with water in the bathroom. Nowadays she wants to bathe her own. She would want me to squeeze the foam onto her hands and she will rub her own body and her hair.
This time I told her we are taking the bus #502, just below my block.
We alighted at Defi Orchard, went to Rocky Masters but the food there was not what I expected. Walked around the area... Went to Orchard Hotel, wanted to eat at Subway but little Alex doesn't want. I thought of having our lunch at Far East Plaza, took her there but she keep on shaking her head whenever I stopped at this restaurant/cafe, asked her if she wants to eat here or not. Wanted to eat at KFC but no empty tables... And I guess no one will want to share tables with me too. So I was like walking from Orchard Isetan to Far East Plaza to Pacific Plaza to Orchard Isetan again. At first I thought of eating Mac but it was still serving breakfast till 12pm, and the time is only 11am. Then I remembered there is a KFC at level 5 Lido. So we went there, to eat my KFC.
In the end, I didn't have my KFC. We had LJS. There is just an empty table right in front of LJS counter. I told little Alex that she is not supposed to run around until she finished her food. She knows what I'm talking about, she says to me "Momo cannot run until momo finish her food." i told her that we are now outside not at home so she has to sit and finished all her food. I ordered my 3 chicken meal and add a black pepper rice for her. I feed her with the rice and some slice of chicken. Same thing I told her to tell me when she is still chewing her food "I still have" and when she is done "no more already".
But towards the end, when she still have a little more rice to go, she went missing. I didn't chase after he cos' I know she will come back. And when she saw that I wasn't chasing after her, she let go a cry and come looking for me again. And I was still sitting there. Now I start to train her to sit by herself, without the tall chair.
After lunch, I was thinking of treating her Starbucks since she is starting to behave herself. We walked all the way to Tanglin Mall. The Starbucks there got the couch I wanted, hehe. The upper level was quite empty and I can even choose which couch I want to sit. We occupied the one near to the stairs. Then I took little Alex by the arms and I told her sternly. "You be a good girl and you will sit on the couch, you be a noti girl and you will sit in the tall chair."

This is nice, Chocolate Old Fashioned. Please dun ask me why this name, it was written like that.
And little Alex is really a good girl, she keeps on feeding me bits of the dessert while I was reading my magazine. She didn't really run around @ Starbucks, except to play at the stairs.

This is the red chair she was sitting while we are there. There is actually a kids corner at the back so I just took one chair from there. No kids are playing there, by the way, so I guess it's ok. There is freedom at Starbucks, that is what I like about them.
After that, we went opposite to see if there is anything interesting.

This place.... I had passed by many times and every time when I was in Orchard area with little Alex I always wanted to go there but somehow I just couldn't make it there. Either halfway I dropped the idea or.... Well, I just can't make it till there. But this time I took little Alex inside. The 2nd floor was a supermart, and the 3rd floor is selling home-make store. No much customers there. In fact I would say we are like in Australia, the feeling is like being in Australia. The whole store only got 2 or 3 customers and to them, I mean the Aussies, that was crowded. You know, you can fire a cannon at the streets in Australia and no one will get hit.
Then we took the MRT to Bugis. Alighted there but little Alex is sleeping in my arms already. *Sigh...* I wanted to take her here to shop around. But since she is sleeping and I couldn't wake her without she crying so I still went ahead to Haji Lane/Arab Street. There are a couple of restaurants I think that it's nice to eat there. The whole place is pretty cool to shop, esp if you're looking for clothes. Clothes as in for adults, not for little lass like Alex. Maybe there might be some clothes suitable for her... I dunno cos' I didn't have the chance to go in and take a look myself.
I was passing by and I saw this interesting "World Cup" fever thing...
I didn't know that cows can play football, and the most interesting part is they are donning the Argentina jersey.

A closer shot...

Haha... Cows are under surveillance.... I guess many people would thinking of stunning the cows back home but when they saw this signage, in red some more, they would drop the idea.
Then I saw this tall building nearby. I remember I ever went there before, some years back when I was still with dear to see her finance consultant. Inside the building was simply magnificent.

Look something like the Wall's Street, huh?

When I stepped in, little Alex just wake up. How nice the timing... She didn't cry when she wakes up, I let her down and I told her that she just sit on the seat while papa take some pics. She understood my message and she just sit there quietly. For a while she is quiet then she starts to roam around the place. She came down and run around the place... I didn't want to ruin my photoshots so I just let her be, keeping an eye on her.

Noticed there are some words at the pillar?

hmm... sounds so profound...

There are many statues around the whole building. Wow... Guess how many of them you can recognize or heard of them before?

Beethoven? Is that correct? I dunno too...

Father of Revolution...

Winston Churchill.... His famous words during the WWII " We shall fight them in the land, we shall fight them in the air, we shall fight them in the sea, we will never, never, never, never give up"

Classical Greek philosopher, mathematician...

Abraham Lincoln... I guess you should have heard of him. The US President who free the black slaves. He was a complete failure in life before 60 yrs old, his fiancee died, went into depression twice, failed in his business, lost in his election... but who can ever know that he can become the US President at the age of 60. I was reading his book on his philosophy... Before he hired anyone, he would give him (the candidate) all the power to act on his behalf and he himself will go on a holiday and when he returned he would ask all the people around how did the candidate fare. Cos' power and money will unveil a person's true character. If you are already a bad person, money will make you a even worse person.
It's so true...

Dante Alighieri, an Italian poet...

Salvador Dali... He only painted just a few paintings throughout his whole life, and he can be so famous.

Frédéric Chopin...

Isaac Newton... His famous 2 laws; Law of motion and Law of gravity.
God damn it, because of him, I gotta learn all those Laplace Transform and Fourier Series during my Engineering course. Why the apple drop on his head, why not a coconut or maybe a durian? Haha, just kidding.

Anyone knows who is he?

William Shakespare...

And this? Who is he?

Ha! If you doesn't know who is he, you must be living in a cave...

Albert Enstein...

Auguste Rodin, a French sculptor...
Some of the statues I need to take from the outside. It was a Sunday evening there isn't much traffic coming out of the building, but still I have to tell little Alex to stand behind me, just in case she dashed out of the road. She sometimes can really be obedient... This little lass is able to differentiate.
So after I took my pics I took her for dinner. We went over to the other side and we went to Raffles Medical, not to see the doctor but to go to the toilet. So thirsty so we had some cold water from the water dispenser. Then we had dinner at Banquet, just next door. I questioned little Alex if she is really hungry and if she really wants to eat dinner now. I pulled her to the wall there, asked her many times if she really wants to have dinner. She smile and nod her head, then shake her head, then nod her head...

Roasted chicken noodles. I have to seriously question little Alex that is she really hungry outside Banquet before I bring her in. You know, sometimes she can be just itchy mouth, bite a few times and said she is full already.
After dinner, we went over to Shaw Centre, not too far away...
There is nothing much to shop over there too. But I saw one nice Turkish restaurant. I think the food should be pretty nice. Hmm... Maybe next time can bring little Alex over for coffee or ice cream.

These are those old stuffs being used in the 1930s. The man in the photo was one of the Shaw brothers who make the film industries so famous.

See the chops, the films.... did you notice the T-baton? That was being used for maintaining law and order in the early days here. So who said that T-baton was invented by the US?

This was being used for advertising coming-soon movies. Dun ask me true or not cos' I wasn't born at that time yet.

Can you believe it? Herbalife not only sponsor one, but 37 World Cup footballers!!! You name me another company in this world can achieve that? For your info, Herbalife dun just sponsor them the branding, they take our nutrition every single day.

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