Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to Alexandria, Happy birthday to Alexandria...
Alexandria is 4 yrs old now... I told her that now she is 4 yrs old already so she needs to be a good girl, eat her meals herself, go to toilet herself, no more crying, no more wearing diapers at home, etc...
Well, I guess she still need some more time to do all these...

Alexandria is watching the candles burning... And mind you, she can blow the candles now.

Off the lights and...

Alexandria is watching while her grandma is cutting the cake for her.

The cake cutting part was actually in the night.

In the morning little Alex was awake pretty early. As usual, she refused to get back to sleep so I let her watch her DVDs and do her drawings. I thought of putting her at school for half day, but later I decided might as well bring her out. It was her birthday so she is the queen for the day. So I get her dressed up in the t-shirt I bought for her earlier, the Little Miss Sunshine. Little Alex is Little Miss Sunshine, so....
We took the train, went to Orchard. When we arrived there, the time is only 11am. Earlier while on the way there, I have already make a reservation for us at Carousel @ 12pm. I thought it will be great to treat little Alex for buffet lunch. Adult is $48++ and child is $32++. Father's Day mah, so it is more expensive. So when we reached there, and it's still early I took little Alex walk around the Orchard area. Went to Hyatt hotel, Hilton hotel, Goodwood Park hotel... still early so I took her to Lucky Plaza, Lane Crawford too. Then something came to my mind as I left Hyatt Hotel cos' I went around asking for the buffet prices. Hyatt's buffet is only $42++, that's for adults and children is free. On the other hand, for Carousel I need to pay $80 and there are ++ too. So I might as well go to Hyatt hotel Straits Kitchen, anyway little Alex is not going to eat a lot there. So I went back there again and make the reservations @ 12:30pm. Little Alex look confusing cos' I took her walk here and there. Another 30 mins to drag our time, took her to CK Tangs and Far East Plaza...
Finally it's 12:30 pm and I carry little Alex there, it's getting late and she was crying that she is hungry. I had to keep telling and pacifying her that soon we are going for buffet lunch. I count out to her that later at 12:30pm she can eat rice, noodles, ice cream, jelly, chicken, prawn, orange juice..... and so on. She even can entertain me by saying "can eat french fries and sweets too". Haha...

This is mine...

This is what little Alex had for her lunch, minus the big prawn. She even knows how to scoop up the prawn and pass it to me. "Momo don't want.."

Roasted duck meat, this one little Alex ate almost half of it.

This pineapple juice is supposed for me but since she want it so I give it to her.

This is rosemary juice, this is supposed to be hers. Anyway, she later want that too. Eventually I tried all the 5 favours available there.

Spring roll, no chilli. I thought little Alex may want some but she doesn't want any.

This is also mine... haha...

This almond and lychee dessert is hers. Cos' she had finish with her rice and she want to climb out of the tall chair, so I find something she may want to eat in order to keep her in place.
I was so full after eating so much. You may think that it's not too much based on the pics, right? Cos I took 2nd servings, 3rd servings... All the food are hot and spicy, no wonder it's free for children. So full that I need to sit and rest at the lobby while little Alex was running around, hiding.
Still full so we went to Forum Gallery. She was actually sleeping in my arms, probably after eating she need to sleep. So I left the place and walk to Meritus Hotel. Need to walk slowly there...

Little Alex is pretending to roll over and sleep. Many of the couches are occupied and this was at the 4th floor where not much customers.
We went to Orchard Central but little Alex cries once I step into there. She doesn't want to stay there so we left again. Downwards to City Hall area. Along the way, we stop and continue again.
Then I was racking my brains where to take her cos' she keep saying she dun want to go back yet. So I took her to Tanjong Pagar. We never been there before so I took her there.
We went to Tanjong Pagar Plaza... There is nothing there to shop!! I thought there is when I saw it at the directory. I took her to Duxton, saw many ppl eating there. There is this very interesting cafe there, something like Cosmocafe. Next time I shall take little Alex there to chill out. We continue walking down, until we reached Chinatown Food Street. Some sort like Jorkers Street in Malacca or Petaling Jaya in KL but compared to there, still lose out a lot.

Saw some nice buildings, so snap a few shots...


I doesn't know what is this building... It looks so huge. You need to see it at the site itself cos' I think from this pic you can't really get it.

Before we went back, I took little Alex to the 7-eleven nearby to the MRT. I didn't know there is such a place called icon village. Got Sakae Sushi and some great restaurants, and it even got Tom N Toms Coffee.

This is actually a condo.. Nice, huh?

That's all for Saturday, little Alex birthday....


Here is what we got for Sunday, Father's Day...

You know what, I just made a discovery. Whenever during the weekends or rather when during the days I am taking little Alex out, she will wake up very early. During the weekdays when she need to go to school, she will only wake up after 9am. She knows that the next day I'm bringing her out cos' I always tell her that tonite she have to sleep early cos' tomorrow I'm taking her out early in the morning. She understands that, she never sleeps early but she will wake up early. Ha!
This time round, we didn't take the MRT as usual. We took the bus to Orchard. It was a long journey and little Alex actually sleeps throughout the whole journey. Not bad, huh? From Boon Lay Interchange we took bus #174 to Orchard Hotel. When I board the bus I told her to take a nap and when we reached I will wake her up. She sleeps, so it was a smooth journey for me. I alighted and she was still sleeping. Then I took a fast trip to Hard Rock Cafe, check it out if there is any desserts for little Alex. .
In the end we end up having sandwiches and coffee at Starbucks nearby. We spent about 1 hour and a half there. She ate one sandwich and I ate the other one. She even "feed" her big head soft toy a bite too. Haha, so cute....
Then we left the place while the sky is still clear. BTW, do you know that little Alex now knows how to wipe her hands after washing them? She will clean them dry, both left and right hand and then I'll tell her to throw it into the dustbin.
You know, I have bring little Alex to many places already so around Orchard area she had been to almost every shopping mall I can think of. I took her to Scape, it was newly opened so I just took her there for a look. Nothing much to see cos' that place basically it isn't a shopping mall. BTW, do you know where was it located?
I was hungry so I had my lunch at Cineleisure, little Alex is still not hungry so I go ahead without her.

Thai fried rice... Little Alex only take a few bites and she doesn't want it anymore.

Tom yam soup...

Red ruby... I give this to little Alex. She keep on asking me what is the red colour thing...

After my lunch we continue our journey. So I just hold her hand and we walk downwards to City Hall. I asked her if she is hungry and she say she is still full.
We walked until we reached Raffles City. Take her to the toilet cos' I guess she didn't pee in the diapers at all. And true enough when I removed it, it will completely dry. I make her sit over the toilet bowl, and..... (ok I skip that part). Stay there for a while, we went to the basement to see if there is anything little Alex might want to eat. No....
I took her to Marina Square, on the way there she told me she was hungry so I told her to wait for a while for we are reaching. I ask her what she want to eat, she keep quiet. So I will ask her if she wants to eat rice, noodles or bee hoon.
Rice (she shake her head)
Noodles (she shake her head)
Bee Hoon (she shake her head)
Rice *again* (she nod her head)
Noodles *again* (she shake her head)
Bee Hoon *again* (she shake her head)
I told her that papa is bringing her to eat rice and she better finished all the rice. Little Alex looked at me, said nothing.

This time round I took her to eat Japanese food. I never intend to take her there in the first place. It was a coincidence that I saw this restaurant and little Alex is crying of hunger.

This is the kids meal; rice, 3 smiley face potato, salmon and salad.

And guess what, little Alex is really very hungry. Even my mum was so surprised when I show her this pic, she dun believe that little Alex can finished all by herself.

After she is full, I took her across to Esplanade. My intention is to take a bus there to Queensway to buy her a pair of shoes cos' she keep on taking her shoes off, saying her feet are painful. I was checking which bus no to go straight to Queensway. I waited for the bus to come, and then when the bus arrived I didn't board the bus cos' I was thinking that it wasn't necessary to get her a new pair of shoes right now. And luckily I didn't cos' later when we reached home, my dad bought for her 2 new pairs of shoes.
So I went into Esplanade... I told her that we are going to take some photos at the Merlion side. When we are walking across the bridge she have to walk by herself. I tell you I had a hard time telling her to stand still when I was taking photos of her with the Marina Bay Sands as the background. She keeps to running away and you know there are also many tourists trying to take photos there too. They all had to stop and wait for me to take my photos, and little Alex is just keep running away.

A 4 year old girl was sitting on the steps watching her Merlion spitting water out.

The last time I took little Alex there, she was dozing off so this time she is awake.

This place is formerly known as Clifford Pier, now it has become a hotel.

Little Alex is wondering why these 2 pillars will change colours....

See, now it's white colour...

Then it turned blue in colour...

Then it turned red in colour...
I think it's getting late so we went home. The whole day I make little Alex walks a lot and I know she must be very tired from all the walking, when I reached home she was asleep and she actually slept throughout the nite.

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