Monday, May 10, 2010

Yesterday took momo out again...

She wakes up at 9am, cries cos' she wants to sleep some more... So I let her sleep for a little while longer and at 10am I wake her up cos' it's going to be late. I still need to work nite shift later.

We went to Douby Ghaut for lunch. Feel cheated at Carl's Junior by their promotion about the Thickburger. I thought it was a combo meal but it turns out to be only the burger ala carte. Never mind about the bad experience. So I had my burger there, then I took momo to Burger King for her lunch. Momo was so hungry cos' she finished all the fries by herself. She didn't had her milk at home just now.

After lunch, I took momo to Cathay. Wanted to treat her @ Billy Bomber's for another favoured coke but the whole place is full, and there is even a waiting queue outside. So I took momo to the next door @ Starbucks. Momo had Dark Chocolate Frappucino. She is now getting more and more smart and witty too. She told me "momo drink alone, papa can't drink".

After our Starbucks coffee time, we went upwards to Orchard. Walked past Triple One @ Somerset. This place in future will be a lot more busier. Why? Cos' Herbalife Office had just shifted there. No more at Takashimaya level 18...I sneaked into the office to snap some pics of the place. A lot bigger and nicer too. Till the next time I shall upload the pics here, in my next post...

Saw this statue in front of Takashimaya...

There is this fair for Vesak Day... And there is even a background of Tibet. I told momo to stand in front of it and guess what, she nod her head and she really stand in front of it. Ha! That is really a miracle.

Then we went over to ION. This time momo is not sleeping. The last 2 times when I took her there she is sleeping in my arms. Just took her walk around the place. She runs around by herself then she will come looking for me. So now I give up chasing after her cos' I know later she will be back. Of cos' only when the surrounding is safe for her, not at the roadside or at the glass shop.

By then, the time is about 4pm so I guess momo must be hungry. I took her to City Hall for dinner. Went to Raffles City, took her to the food court. I just put her into the baby chair and momo starts crying. She is tired, she wants to sleep. So I told her we just had dessert and after that we go home to sleep.


Some interesting pics to share....

Anyone took such a lift before? I never imagine here in Singapore where it's so urban, and we still can find such a antique lift in operation. It can only take 3 persons at one time.

Maybe it's Turf Club Day, so there are horses everywhere.

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