Monday, April 26, 2010

Sunday was family day, I'm sure everyone knows. When I got home, momo is still sleeping soundly. She always sleep so late the night before so naturally she will wakes up late. I sleep besides her after taking a shower. And guess what time momo wakes up? Close to 12pm...

I feed her with a bottle of milk and push her into the bathroom. She now wants to wash her own head and even wants me to let her bathe herself. When I wanted to rub her body, she will push my hand away. Maybe she is getting older so she knows... But still she will run around the house naked. I told her many times that her belly button only papa can see, other ppl cannot see. Nonetheless, we went out of the house at 12:30pm. Initially I wanted to go to Pioneer Mall for lunch cos' I haven't had my lunch yet. I asked momo shall we eat there or there (means in town). Momo points there (in town). So we took the train to town.

While on the way, I suddenly got an idea where to take my lunch. I alighted at Commonwealth MRT and there is a Long John Silver's. I had my chicken there and momo took all my fries. After lunch, we took bus #123 to..... Singapore Botanical Gardens!!! Earlier on at home, I dressed momo up in her dress but I planned to take her to Botanical Gardens so I changed her into a pair of pants.

hmm... shall I jump into the pond?

I guess there must be some events at nite or what.

See, there are so many ppl having picnic there... Filipinos, Malays, Indians, Caucasians...

This pic look a bit small here... Maybe when momo is a bit older and she doesn't run around so much, I shall bring her here for picnic.

A discovery!!! What is it that needs germination?

Please dun ask me what flowers are these? I got no clue and I can't answer you...

I didn't know swans can be found at Botanical Gardens...

Then I saw them get onshore and I chase after them...

Getting closer to them... Hope they doesn't bite...

Real closed-up with them. Managed to snap a shot at them...Momo was so scared that she was hiding behind me.

Getting some shade, getting ready to get back into the pond....

Well, I guess the 2 swans must be "old bird" there. It should have 5 swans since there are 5 of them...

I dun know what this statue represents... The small looks like momo when I was swinging her...

Playing piano?

Do you find this statue familiar? Is it you saw it somewhere else? I find it so familiar just that I can't recall where it was being shown.

You know Botanical Gardens is really so big and there are many tracks leading dunno to where. I keep on asking momo which way shall we go and the little girl just anyhow point her finger.
This rainforest is located at the centre. I had to drag momo inside cos' she doesn't want to go in at first.

I find these 2 pics so enchanting. It reminds me of a verse "The Road Less Traveled".

When I was taking these pics, momo was actually crying behind me. I didn't know why she was crying so loudly. I keep on telling her that papa wants to take some pics, I thoughy maybe she is hungry or sleepy.

Nice view, huh?

I doesn't know why this pic turn out to be like that? I did rotate it but when I uploaded it, it is like that

Mini waterfall... There are many tourists taking pics of it. You see the lady standing behind the waterfall?

This was taken behind the waterfall... The ground was all wet from the water splashing.

This waterfall is much gentler than the earlier one. It looks like those rainwater falling off the roof after a heavy downpour.
Me and momo continue walking... Later then I realised why momo was crying. She is not hungry or sleepy, she just want me to piggyback her. I just carry her on my back for a short while and she stop crying. Even when I drop her down, she doesn't cry anymore. So all she wants is just a piggyback from me...
Then I saw catus... It's amazing how catus is being found there. I mean they only can be found in deserts... Even the only place I can see catus is someone keeping them in flower pots outside their home. But here they are growing on the ground.

Some signs at the various locations...

This particular sign, momo seems to be very interested in. She keep on touching it and she just doesn't want to go away.
At this point of time, I was really thirsty. I told momo we are leaving this place and going for a drink. But I doesn't know which way to exit. So I just carry momo and continue walking.

I was passing by this huge ball. It looks like those feng shui formation... But the ball doesn't roll here, only water gushing out from beneath.

You know, this tree is really HUGE!!!

Someone was feeding the fishes with bread crumps.

More fishes coming for the food...

With this pic, it marks the end of our outing... I finally exit out of Botanical Gardens.
We took a bus down to Orchard Road, I was hungry so I'm sure momo is hungry too. We took bus #7 down the road. I guess the first place to go is to find a place to fill our stomach full.
After dinner, I took momo to Billy Bomber's @ Cathay Douby Ghaut. I was still thirsty, from all the walking just now. I guess momo is too. You know what, momo actually finished all the water from her water bottle.

I had heard long ago that Billy Bomber's served coke with many favours. So today will be the day where I tastes them.

right: mango favoured coke; left: green grasshopper... plus momo little arm

In fact, the coke comes with 6 different favours; mango, lemon, chocolate, coffee... the other 2 favours I can't remember. I think it's peach and starberry. Anyway, if you are tired of drinking coke with the same favour, you can try the favoured coke @ Billy Bombers. I can tell you it's worth the try.
When I ordered, I didn't know the serving is this big. Only if I know it, I would only ordered one cup. The last time when we went to New York, New York the serving is pretty small. So I assumed the serving will be small too.

Got nothing else to play with so I take pics of momo in different effects...
*Negative effects*

* Sketch effects*

*Edgemap effects*

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