Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Yesterday took momo out again.... She is enjoying herself this week cos' Sat I brought her out, Sunday no school and my mum brought her out too. Then yesterday I took her out again... 3 days straight, this is gonna to spoil her. This isn't right...

Anyway, momo wakes up pretty early yesterday I thought she will sleep till 10 plus or so. I was in my room surfing net when she comes to me with her pillow (again?). I tried to tuck her into bed again, but she didn't want to sleep. Instead she was rolling here and there. It was still early to bring her out so I drag the time...

Okay, okay.. I give up. I pushed momo to the shower and we bathe together. But she doesn't want to get herself wet so I only washed her butt. Then I got her dressed up and gave her a bottle of milk to drink.

While on the MRT, this time momo was noti. She was making noises when we reached Commonwealth MRT. I told her we are going to reach soon... It did calm her down a bit but the next station she was making noise again, until we reached Outram Park station. I quickly alighted and we board the North-east line to Douby Ghaut station. She walked a bit on her own and I have to carry her for the rest.

This sign looks familiar to you? Whenever momo saw this she will be enthusiastic... The bottom left photo: Papa and momo...

I guess she must be hungry so we went to Carl's Junior. When we reached there, momo said she doesn't want to eat there. I told her since she is not hungry, then she sit together with me while I eat. When the food arrived, momo grab the fries... It's good that she eat something there rather than take-away and she eats it later when the food turns cold. She likes to feed me with her fries... She will dip her fries with chilli and then feed me. Nice, huh?

After lunch, I took her to Giant for a walk. I put her into the push-trolley. Initially I put her in the front baby seat but after a while she wants to get out of it and went to the food storage area. At least I don't need to carry her and she also won't go running/missing. A good way to keep her happy and keep an eye on her.

See, momo in action. She always want to stand up and I have to jaga her so that she won't topple over.

After we are done with the food section, we went down to the non-food section. There is when momo gets sick of being in the push-trolley and wants to walk by her own. She went running around the place, then she saw there is a camping tent...

She didn't want to go inside but I told her she go in first and papa will join you later. She is enjoying herself inside.

Of cos' I didn't join her inside... What others will think if I really went inside. A little child playing inside is ok, but an adult?

After then I took her out of Plaza Singapura and we went towards Orchard area. I asked her if she wants to eat (dessert) or drink (coffee). She wants to drink... So I took her to the nearest coffee chain. So far, the one and only coffee chain momo been to is Starbucks. I didn't want to go to Starbucks again so I took her to Orchard Central.

Tully's Coffee... I didn't know that Tully's is actually joint venture with Quiznos Sub which is on the right. It was only when I asks them... cos' I was looking for a baby chair and the chair is at Quiznos Sub premises. The barista told me it's okay I can take from there too..

In fact I didn't put momo in the baby chair cos' it may be a good idea to let her sit on the couch.

Maybe it's a wise decision, maybe it's not...
We didn't stay there for long. I thought of reading some mags there while momo entertained herself but she was running around the floor level. So I took her and we went north. We passes by 313@Somerset. Since momo earlier said she doesn't want to eat dessert so I didn't stop by there. We went behind it to Triple one Somerset. There is nothing to shop there. What makes me wants to go there is bcos' 1 yr ago I was there working as a valet. That time when they are constructing Triple One Somerset, they closed half the carpark. All the tenants are season parkers and they suddenly got no car lots so they need valets.
Can you imagine that time we can park like the most 100 over cars on Monday and 50 over cars on Friday? There is where I got to drive many different car models;
-BMW 1, 3, 5, 6, 7 series, Z3, Z4, SUV
-Audi A4, A6,
-Toyota Mark X,
-Toyota Camry,
-Toyota Harrier,
-Subaru WRX,
Not to mention those common cars like Nissan Sunny, Toyota Altis, Honda Stream, Nissan March, etc....

So in future, anyone who wants to buy a car, can feel free to ask me which car is good, which car is powerful. Oh yes, almost forget the most powerful, most performance car I ever drive so far in this job is the Nissan GTR.
I even got the chance to drive Mark Lee's car @ Tampines 1, Jean Danker's car @ Dempsey hill, Lim Kay Tong's car @ Ascott Raffles Place.

Those were the fond memories....
Dun ask me for their car plate numbers or contact numbers, I'm professional and won't reveal them to you...

Here we go, Triple One Somerset. In fact I dun understand why they want to build it in the first place. I think the only shop that it worth shopping the NTUC but it wasn't opened yet. After work and you got no time to buy your groceries, that's the place you may want to go.

And this is the place where I had my lunch everyday, buy coffee, etc.

I took momo to the National Youth Park which is at the back. Initially I wanted to take some pics where I normally will sit after lunch but there is someone sitting there already. So can't snap the pics....

Then I saw some real cute arts...
A baby chair? I wanted to fit momo in but she doesn't want to go in.

A school chair...

An office chair....

The sun was pretty hot and momo drank a lot of water already. I checked her diapers and it was still dry. Well, I guess momo got a lot of urine kept inside so I took her to Meritus Mandarin. I removed her diapers and have her seated over the toilet bowl... Hurricane Katrina!!
We went to Takashimaya after that. I was standing outside when I asked momo shall we go inside for a walk. She nod her head...
When I stepped in I saw there was this sakura plant...

You know what, Singaporean are very kiasu. Initially no one was taking pics. When someone starts taking pics, everyone will follow suit.

A close-up shot for the sakura flower... Not clear enough?

A point blank shot of the sakura flower... Clear enough? Still not clear enough, then you jolly well go and see for yourself at Takashimaya.
We went further north and we went to Forum The Shopping Mall. The sky is getting dark so I thought might as well take shelter there first... And true enough it rains... We went to Toy "R" Us. Thought of getting a baby doll for momo but she dun want. The place is so much smaller compared to the time when I was in primary school days 20 yrs ago. That time I still remembered they got this stupid rule that children under 16 are not allowed to enter without the companion by adults.
Those were the younger days....
When I tried to leave the mall, the rain is still very heavy. No where to go so we went to Mac. We are sitting at the long table facing the streets and you know what the whole pavement outside Mac is flooded. The rain level is like till your ankle. I ordered Iced Milo for momo... Maybe she is quite full after the earlier coffee at Tully's so she didn't drink much.

The rain continued like for a good hour before it drizzled. So we left.... I was walking past one photo editing shop and I saw this;
A 3 day old baby!!! So cute!!! In the hands feeling so safe and secure.... I tell momo that is a baby and this is how she looks like when she is just born.

I took momo to the next door Hard Rock Café. The moment I entered momo was screaming and she doesn't want to stay there, so I left the place.
The rain is still on, drizzling still. So I walked under Forum-Hilton-Far East and I went straight into Borders. I exited and went into the basement and walk to Orchard MRT. Just outside ION, I saw this huge picture.
It was actually an ads from the Navy, asking ppl to guess where is Sgt Lim... You can send SMS with your answer and get to win prizes. For example, A10 or C20...

Sgt Lim, Sgt Lim where are you hiding?

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