Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Herbalife Innovations Manufacturing -New Product Plant

This place is MASSIVE! 100,000 Square Feet. Herbalife put in $13.3 million!

We will be able to product 70 Tons of Powder from this one facility!

We found out that our Taste testing lab goes through rigorous steps to come out with products that are HOME RUN HITTERS! Our lab was compared to the BIG Labs at Pepsi Co. Very impressive!

The samples are coded and we are to compare the two to see which one we like the best and why..

After we try them, we enter all the info into the computer to log in our findings. All this info is then compared to everyone else's info to find what the majority thinks.

R&D Research and Development Lab!

You can see here any levels of B6, B12 or any other element big or small.. Here you can see the fingerprint is exact and having this high of quality inspection insures we can have the most effective and consistent product on the market.

Another testing machine..

These machine are so powerful, what used to take hours to test now takes minutes.

Some supplies try to cut cost and use pesticides or even radiation to clean their herbs. When you look at it you can not tell. But Herbalife's high tech machines catch it and these supplies are cut off to insure we have the safest products!

Herbalife is always coming out with new cutting edge products.

80,000 square feet is the Manufacturing, 20,000 sq ft is for labs and offices.

Before we go inside the manufacturing place we all had to put on hair nets. The product control is so good that it is put through much testing of cold, heat & humidity!

Very fast and fun to watch!

Giant mixing machines.. Can mix HUGE batches of our powder to create good mixing and consistency and efficiency.

Then the powder is lifted into machines that place the correct amount of powder into each container.
There are articles circulated in the Internet that Herbalife products are not safe for consumption, contains too much of this too much of that. C'mon, do you know that not many companies got the money to have such a lab to test their products. Who would want to spend a whoppy USD$13.3 million?

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