Sunday, March 28, 2010

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Few nites ago while I was going to take momo downstairs for a walk, while momo is wearing her shoes, I saw a cool Ferrari parked below my block. Wow!! What a sight...

When I got downstairs, I looked around and can't find the rightful owner. Can't find anyone that fits the description of owning a Ferrari. So I took momo to Pioneer Mall. Momo now walks more on her own. I always told her must hold papa's hand when walking.

Went to town and saw this nice building. Situated just next to Carlton Hotel...

Nice huh?

Last Wed, went to this cool restaurant called Joan Bowen with dear. Actually we are no longer together for almost 2 yrs already, but we still keep in touch. I met her at her house and I drove there. The place is situated at No 9, Jalan Wangi. Doesn't know where is it? Oh, it's somewhere near Macpherson. It was surrounded by landed houses. I was wondering where on earth will people get to know of its existence. Dear says it was by the spread of mouth... If the food is good tell your friends, if the food is not good tell the chef.

Didn't take any pictures while inside there cos' it might not be a good action with flashing camera shots. Anyway, if you do want to patron, do drive there cos' public transport might not be in sight.

As we are leaving, I saw this house there is really transparent. There is no walls at the front, all glasses. As you can see, there are lots of lamps hanging within. Maybe this shot you can see so clearly but the design is really posh.

I was really surprised to received a post from KL, Malaysia. Someone sent me a bookmark.

She printed the cover herself, apparently. Guess what when I pull it out?

A Jim Rohn's bookmark. It says "happiness is not something you wished for or bestowed upon you. It is you who deserved it".

The wordings are too small to see?

"I wish for you a life of wealth, health and happiness; a life in which you give to yourself the gift of patience, the virtue of reason, the value of knowledge, and the influence of faith in your own ability to dream about and achieve worthy results"

Yesterday I took momo out again. Yeah, early in the morning I sent her to school first. When it was time to fetch her, I quickly fetched her home, bathe her and off we went. She didn't have any milk before we left cos' I planned to take her to Carl's Junior for lunch @ Jurong Point. But when we reached there, momo doesn't want to eat there. I asked her how about we go to Burger King cos' I got the coupon. Momo doesn't want BK... In the end we went to MacDonald's.

It was damn lucky that I managed to get a table. So coincidence that when I was walking into the place, someone just finished their food and left the table. I got momo seated and I go and look for the toddler's chair. I ordered Mega McSpicy meal, upsized. Momo was a pretty good girl cos' she was sitting there playing with her own fingers. I presented the fries in front of her but she tells me she isn't hungry. I asked her why she isn't hungry... did she eat anything in school... how come she is not eating... She just shake her head/nod her head/shake her head.

So I have my burger and I leave the fries for her. Maybe later when she is hungry she will eat the fries....

Can you imagine this is how momo hold her fries, all the way from Boon Lay to Raffles Place?

And she doesn't want to let me touch her fries. I told her she can put her fries in the backpack but she prefer to hold it this way, so...

I find this ads very interesting. If you ever watched the advertisements on TV... Got this group of ladies who are screaming when the host show them the secret compartment that got all the nice shoes and clothings, then the next door the male host show his friends his secret compartment that got all the Heineken beer.

The ladies are screaming "ahhh......"

The guys are screaming "AHHHH....."

What if they replaced the Heineken beer with Herbalife shake... Hmm...

When we were at Raffles Place MRT, momo was hungry. I took her upstairs and we were sitting at Chevron House. Momo was running around with her fries. I took some pics of her too.

Then I saw a Caucasian holding a Starbucks coffee, walked past me. It means the Starbucks outlet is opened, so I took momo there. She doesn't want to sit inside although inside is air-con. We were sitting next to a pretty ang moh lady who keep on smiling when she saw momo dancing and singing. I ordered Java chip Frap, and momo drank almost all of it. She doesn't allow me to sip any of it. I had to snatch from her, take a sip and gave it back to her.

We left the place and I took her to Far East Square/China Square. The last time I didn't locate where was it, this time round I managed to find it. The place is really cool, mainly restaurants. It's a nice place to go with friends... I took momo all over the place. She walks, but some times she wants me to carry her.

I was taking pics of the whole gate, when I spotted momo playing with water. The gate was called "Water Gate".

And this was called "Fire Gate".
5 elements, huh? I think maybe got "Gold Gate", Wood Gate", Earth Gate" too but I didn't bump into them.

This was the olden days how the hawkers sell their food. Momo was so funny here. She was peeping into the basket and then look at the "hawker". I have to put her in front of the statue many times before the shots are taken.

As I was taking momo walking at the Mall, I saw this museum "Fuk Tak Chi Museum". The first expression I got was "Wow!!!" A museum @ Far East Square....

You see the high step at the door? Momo managed to scale it on her own...

Some signage at the top...
Maybe my Chinese wasn't that good, maybe you can tell me what those words means?

This is actually a big basin for storing water... dunno who is the one throw coins in it.

Apparatus used for business... the one at the centre is the calculator they used in the olden days... If you know how to use it, it is even faster than the calculator we used now... No kidding!!

Right - left: camera, candle stand, iron.

the old sewing machine they used...

the one on the right is a rice bucket... I know many ppl will think that was for the poo poo...

what they used to make ice kacang (blended ice). Phua Chu Kang's mother used this to earn a living, haha...

the one on the right is what they used to brew medicine.

olden coffee cups and plates.

Even on a Saturday afternoon, this is what the crowd has to offer. Weekdays will be more crowded.

Guess what I found there?

Boxing gloves, punching bags, etc.

At this time, momo was already crying. She is hungry. I took her to see around if there is any food she wants to eat. We went to the food court, pretty expensive and about 40% of the stalls are closed. Not a good choice so we left again. Took her back to China Square and didn't managed to find any food suitable. In the end, we took the MRT back to City Hall @ Raffles City.
In fact the whole day momo didn't eat much. I got no idea why she isn't hungry.
Now momo's hair is getting longer and I asked her shall I bring her to cut her hair....
"Momo, your hair is getting long... you want to cut short?" She nods her head.
"Momo, you want to keep your hair long?" She nods her head.
Guess what she answers me? This is going to be the best answer I ever heard from her.
"In front cut short, the back keep long..."
When on the way back home, momo was already sleeping in my arms. She gotta be sleepy, the whole day she was running around. When I reached home, I laid her in her bed. She wakes up a while later, crying. It seems that her diapers is making her itchy so I changed her diapers. Then she cried again, so I make a bottle of milk for her to drink. She drank about half of it and doesn't want it anymore. So I guess by now she should be comfortable enough to sleep the nite throughout. But she cried again, so I accompany her for a while. When she is sound asleep then I left her.
Then she came into my room, with her pillow and blanket.... And she laid her own pillow, on my bed. It has been a long time since she last sleep together with me.
Only then, she sleep throughout the night...

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