Sunday, February 21, 2010

Took momo out again last sat, picked her up from school, then went back home to bathe and get her dressed up. I told her few days ago that we are going out for bean curd so if she is a good girl, she will have her bean curd. Anyway, even if she is not a good girl, she will still have her bean curd. If one fine day momo is no longer naughty that I''ll be very worried.

Guess what? Now momo can tell me she wants to bathe herself. Shen even can "wash" her head herself. I can't show you proof here, you know, it's private and it only happens in the bathroom.

We had our lunch at the Pioneer Mall cos' I overslept earlier. I thought of taking lunch at home, bathe then go to fetch momo from school. Who knows, I wake up at 1pm plus so me and momo bathe together.

After lunch, we took the MRT to Orchard. I wanted to take momo to shop at ION but she was already sleeping in my arms. The previous time we went there she was also sleeping. sigh....
I dun mind her sleeping on my shoulders. At least I can go window shopping at ease. I even read a book carrying momo. Not bad, huh? When I was about to leave ION, momo wakes up. She was crying... I asked her shall we go and eat her bean curd, she shake her head.... "Not having your bean curd, then why do we have to come to Orchard?" I know that momo wants that so I took her to Central. And the best part is she drool her saliva on my shirt while she asleep. She saw that, and she doesn't want to lean there anymore. I was carrying her on my right side and she actually wants to lean on my left side. She refused to lean there until I clean myself off. Smart girl, huh?

And we reached Central again. And you imagine there is only table occupied, and it was Saturday afternoon? I thought we might not be able to get a table, but.... Anyway, momo had her water melon + bean curd. Me, me? Of cos I got myself a different dessert this time.

See, this is our snack... Oh yes, the Pucca is momo's. She wanted to bring her out. That girl even want to feed Pucca with bean curd. hohohoho...

This is my order, Mango Sago, coco 笀椰可可西米虂

Peanut milk toast, 花生酱甛奶司多士. Really rich and creamy, but momo doesn't want to touch it.

This is momo's water melon + bean curd, 西瓜豆腐花

We were sitting there for quite long cos' momo keep on dropping her Pucca on the floor. She wanted to stick it on the glass. I told her not to drop it or else Pucca will be crying. Ha! There is another table with a baby. The mother keep on looking in our direction. Oh yes, momo is really cute in her pink dress. This time round, momo didn't finished her bean curd so I had some of it. The sky is getting dark so I told momo we shall make a move and go somewhere else. She nod her head.
So where is the next destination? In fact, the reason why I choose to go out in the afternoon is cos' I want I to bring momo to see the nightlife. So the next destination is Clarke Quay!!!
We alighted at City Hall, while we are taking the escalator momo was kissing me so hard on the cheek. You know, basically her whole face is against my cheek. The Caucasian lady standing beside me was laughing. We walked towards Boat Quay, cut across @Central Mall.
The pic is quite blur, cos' I only had one hand to capture this shot.

Hooters! The Hooters girls are really hot in their outfits. Too bad momo is with me, if not I think it's a good idea to go in for a drink.

In fact Clarke Quay is a nice place to eat at night. Despite it had been around for, like, past 15 years. Many restaurants to choose from, many cuisine to choose from, many visitors too. I know that momo should be hungry at that hour cos' that dessert she had isn't filling for her.
So I told her we are going for dinner before we went back home. Where to eat? Burger King @Central Mall. I wanted to go there, then I saw.... Fishermen's Wharf!!! I always said I want to go there but everytime I didn't. So this time round momo shall be going with me.

The place isn't air-con, you pay first at the counter, free sitting, the food doesn't comes with a drink. The dish comes with a generous serving of fries and tartar sauce.

This is Pacific snow fish, it's really juicy. How does a pacific snow fish looks like? I dunno...

This is how the tables and chairs look like there. Forget about MFM, Fish & Co. or LJS... Really authentic kinda layout.

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