Thursday, February 04, 2010

Last Saturday took momo out...

I fetched her from school and I told her that we are going out immediately so we have to head back home, bathe and out we go again.

We went to the Pioneer Mall to have lunch, momo likes spaghetti; she can finished 90% of it by herself.

I didn't know where to take her cos' we have been to almost all the places in town area. This time round we went to Boat Quay. We alighted at City Hall, walked towards Boat Quay. Nothing much to see there, now the place is mainly restaurants. No more pubs.

Then momo says she is hungry so we went to have Burger King @ OCBC. We went there only to realised that it was closed. Momo didn't want to have Mac so we went somewhere else. Really got no idea where to go...

Then I got an idea.

I took her to Marina Barrage...

There is a free shuttle bus at Marina Bay MRT. We are lucky to catch it cos' the bus is leaving at 5:45pm and we reached Marina Bay at 5:40pm. The last time I went there was last year, that time it was pitch dark at night but this time it was still bright. We saw many ppl flying kites there, very windy too. But momo doesn't want to stay there long. We were only there for like 10 mins and momo wants to leave.

So We went to the bus stop and took the bus back to Marina Bay...

It was still early to go home yet so I took momo to Raffles City to have dinner at Mac. Now more Doraemon on sale... I thought want to get the Cupid Doraemon for her... Anyway, after our dinner we went to City Link.

Initially we went to 薪旺台湾茶餐厅 but I find the dessert doesn't really suit momo to eat. It's funny cos' everytime I passes by I will look at the menu, and everytime I will not go in. We exited City Link and I guess what I saw? Trung Nguyen Coffee... I thought there is only one at Liang Court, I never expect to see another one at Marina Square. We went it, hoping to spend some little time with momo cos' the ambience is quiet and cosy, not much customers too. But the place doesn't have any baby toddler chair, so we left.

So I took momo to 薪旺香港茶餐厅 for dessert. She had black sesame and I got myself almond with steamed papaya. The staffs there are really very hospitable. They got for momo a baby chair, give her a extra small bowl and a spoon, got for us extra napkins.

One of the customers even played with momo, she said momo is so cute, hoho... Too bad I didn't take a pic of her and momo. It was getting late so I told momo that now she today she has eaten a lot of food so when in the MRT she be a good girl and dun make too much noise. Well, she indeed didn't make any noise while on the way home. In fact once we reached Tanjong Pagar MRT station, momo has fallen asleep.

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