Thursday, February 25, 2010

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

How to Turn Nothing into Something by Jim Rohn

Have you ever wondered how to turn nothing into something?

First, in order to turn nothing into something, you’ve got to start with some ideas and imagination. Now, it might be hard to call ideas and imagination nothing; but how tangible are those ideas? That is a bit of a mystery. I don’t believe that ideas that can be turned into a hotel, ideas that can be turned into an enterprise, ideas that can be turned into a new vaccine or ideas that can be turned into some miracle product, should be called nothing. But tangibly, you have nothing. Interesting! Think of it, ideas that become so powerful in your mind and in your consciousness that they seem real to you even before they become tangible. Imagination that is so strong, you can actually see it.

When I built my first home for my family in Idaho all those years ago, before I started construction, I would take my friends and associates out to the vacant property and give them a tour of the house. Is that possible? Is it possible to take someone on a tour through an imaginary house? And the answer is, “Yes, of course.” “Here is the three-car garage,” I used to say, and my friends would look and say, “Yes, this garage will hold three cars.” I could really make it “live.” I would take them on a tour throughout the house…. “Here is the fireplace, and look, this side is brick and the other side is stone.” I could make it so real…. “Follow me through the rest of the house. Take a look through the picture window here in the kitchen. Isn’t the view great?” One day, I made the house so real that one of my friends bumped his elbow on the fireplace. I mean, it was that real.

So, the first step of turning nothing into something is to imagine the possibilities. Imagine all of the possibilities. One of the reasons for seminars, sermons, lyrics from songs and testimonials of others is to give us an idea of the possibilities, to help us imagine and to see the potential.
Now here is the second step for turning nothing into something: You must believe that what you imagine is possible for you. Testimonials, like “If I can do it, you can do it,” often become a support to our belief. And we start believing. First we imagine it’s possible. Second, we start to believe that what’s possible is possible for us.

We might also believe because of our own testimonial. Here is what your testimonial might say: “If I did it once, I can do it again. If it happened for me before, it could very well happen again.” So we believe not only the testimonials of others who say, “If I can do it, you can do it; If I can change, you can change; If I can start with nothing, you can start with nothing; If I can turn it all around, you can turn it all around.” Then we also have the support of our own testimonial, if we’ve accomplished something before. “If we did it once, we can do it again. If we did it last year, we can do it this year.” So those two things together are very powerful. Now, we do not have actual substance yet, although it is very close.

Again, step one is to imagine the possibilities. Step two is to imagine that what is possible is possible for you. Here is what we call step two: faith to believe. In fact, one writer said this, “Faith is substance.” An interesting word: “substance,” the powerful ability to believe in the possibilities that are possible for you. If you have faith to believe, that faith is substance, substance meaning “a piece of the real.” Now it’s not “the real,” it’s not this podium, but it is so powerful that it is very close to being real, and so the writer said, “The faith is a piece of, the substance of.” He then goes on to call it evidence, substance and evidence. It is difficult to call substance and evidence “nothing.” It is nothing, in the sense that it cannot be seen except with the inner eye. You can’t get a hold of it because it isn’t yet tangible. But it is possible to turn nothing, especially ideas and imaginations, into something, if you believe that it is now possible for you—that substance and evidence become so powerful that they can now be turned into reality.

So the first step is to imagine what is possible; the second is to have the faith to believe that what is possible is possible for you. And now the third step is that you go to work to make it real. You go to work to make it a hotel. You go to work to make it an enterprise. You go to work and make it good health. You go to work and make it an association. You go to work and make it a good marriage. You go to work and make it a movement. You make it tangible. You make it viable. You breathe life into it and then you construct it. That is such a unique and powerful ability for all of us human beings. Put this to work and start the miracle process today!

"At the end of each day, you should play back the tapes of your performance. The results should either applaud you or prod you." — Jim Rohn

Nine Things More Important than Capital by Jim Rohn

When starting any enterprise or business, whether it is full-time or part-time, we all know the value of having plenty of capital (money). But I bet we both know or at least have heard of people who started with no capital who went on to make fortunes. How? You may ask.

Well, I believe there are actually some things that are more valuable than capital that can lead to your entrepreneurial success. Let me give you the list.

1. Time
Time is more valuable than capital. The time you set aside not to be wasted, not to be given away. Time you set aside to be invested in an enterprise that brings value to the marketplace with the hope of making a profit. Now we have capital time.

How valuable is time? Time properly invested is worth a fortune. Time wasted can be devastation. Time invested can perform miracles, so you invest your time.

2. Desperation
I have a friend, Lydia, whose first major investment in her new enterprise was desperation. She said, "My kids are hungry, I’ve gotta make this work. If this doesn't work, what will I do?" So she invested $1 in her enterprise selling a product she believed in. The $1 was to buy a few flyers so she could make a sale at retail, collect the money and then buy the product wholesale to deliver back to the customer.

My friend Bill Bailey went to Chicago as a teenager after he got out of high school. And the first job he got was as a night janitor. Someone said, "Bill, why would you settle for night janitor?" He said, "Malnutrition." You work at whatever you can possibly get when you get hungry. You go to work somewhere—night janitor, it doesn't matter where it is. Years later now, Bill is a recipient of the Horatio Alger award, rich and powerful and one of the great examples of lifestyle that I know. But, his first job—night janitor. Desperation can be a powerful incentive. When you say, “I must.”

3. Determination
Determination says I will. First Lydia said, "I must find a customer." Desperation. Second, she said, "I will find someone before this first day is over." Sure enough, she found someone. She said, "If it works once, it will work again." But then the next person said, "No." Now what must you invest?

4. Courage
Courage is more valuable than capital. If you've only got $1 and a lot of courage, I'm telling you, you've got a good future ahead of you. Courage in spite of the circumstances. Humans can do the most incredible things no matter what happens. Haven't we heard the stories? There are some recent ones from Kosovo that are some of the most classic, unbelievable stories of being in the depths of hell and finally making it out. It's humans. You can't sell humans short. Courage in spite of, not because of, but in spite of. Now once Lydia has made 3 or 4 sales and gotten going, here's what now takes over.

5. Ambition
"Wow! If I can sell 3, I can sell 33. If I can sell 33, I can sell 103." Wow. Lydia is now dazzled by her own dreams of the future.

6. Faith
Now she begins to believe she's got a good product. This is probably a good company. And she then starts to believe in herself. Lydia, single mother, 2 kids, no job. "My gosh, I'm going to pull it off!" Her self-esteem starts to soar. These are investments that are unmatched. Money can't touch it. What if you had a million dollars and no faith? You'd be poor. You wouldn't be rich. Now here is the next one, the reason why she's a millionaire today.

7. Ingenuity
Putting your brains to work. Probably up until now, you've put about 1/10 of your brainpower to work. What if you employed the other 9/10? You can't believe what can happen. Humans can come up with the most intriguing things to do. Ingenuity. What's ingenuity worth? A fortune. It is more valuable than money. All you need is a $1 and plenty of ingenuity. Figuring out a way to make it work, make it work, make it work.

8. Heart and Soul
What is a substitute for heart and soul? It's not money. Money can't buy heart and soul. Heart and soul is more valuable than a million dollars. A million dollars without heart and soul, you have no life. You are ineffective. But, heart and soul is like the unseen magic that moves people, moves people to buy, moves people to make decisions, moves people to act, moves people to respond.

9. Personality
You've just got to spruce up and sharpen up your own personality. You've got plenty of personality. Just get it developed to where it is effective every day, effective no matter who you talk to, whether it is a child or whether it is a business person, whether it is a rich person or a poor person. A unique personality that is at home anywhere. One of my mentors, Bill Bailey, taught me, "You've got to learn to be just as comfortable, Mr. Rohn, whether it is in a little shack in Kentucky having a beer and watching the fights with Winfred, my old friend or in a Georgian mansion in Washington, DC as the Senator's guest." Move with ease whether it is with the rich or whether it is with the poor. And it makes no difference to you who is rich or who is poor. A chance to have a unique relationship with whomever. The kind of personality that's comfortable. The kind of personality that's not bent out of shape.

And lastly, let's not forget charisma and sophistication. Charisma with a touch of humility. This entire list is more valuable than money. With one dollar and the list I just gave you, the world is yours. It belongs to you, whatever piece of it you desire whatever development you wish for your life. I've given you the secret. Capital. The kind of capital that is more valuable than money and that can secure your future and fortune. Remember that you lack not the resources.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Took momo out again last sat, picked her up from school, then went back home to bathe and get her dressed up. I told her few days ago that we are going out for bean curd so if she is a good girl, she will have her bean curd. Anyway, even if she is not a good girl, she will still have her bean curd. If one fine day momo is no longer naughty that I''ll be very worried.

Guess what? Now momo can tell me she wants to bathe herself. Shen even can "wash" her head herself. I can't show you proof here, you know, it's private and it only happens in the bathroom.

We had our lunch at the Pioneer Mall cos' I overslept earlier. I thought of taking lunch at home, bathe then go to fetch momo from school. Who knows, I wake up at 1pm plus so me and momo bathe together.

After lunch, we took the MRT to Orchard. I wanted to take momo to shop at ION but she was already sleeping in my arms. The previous time we went there she was also sleeping. sigh....
I dun mind her sleeping on my shoulders. At least I can go window shopping at ease. I even read a book carrying momo. Not bad, huh? When I was about to leave ION, momo wakes up. She was crying... I asked her shall we go and eat her bean curd, she shake her head.... "Not having your bean curd, then why do we have to come to Orchard?" I know that momo wants that so I took her to Central. And the best part is she drool her saliva on my shirt while she asleep. She saw that, and she doesn't want to lean there anymore. I was carrying her on my right side and she actually wants to lean on my left side. She refused to lean there until I clean myself off. Smart girl, huh?

And we reached Central again. And you imagine there is only table occupied, and it was Saturday afternoon? I thought we might not be able to get a table, but.... Anyway, momo had her water melon + bean curd. Me, me? Of cos I got myself a different dessert this time.

See, this is our snack... Oh yes, the Pucca is momo's. She wanted to bring her out. That girl even want to feed Pucca with bean curd. hohohoho...

This is my order, Mango Sago, coco 笀椰可可西米虂

Peanut milk toast, 花生酱甛奶司多士. Really rich and creamy, but momo doesn't want to touch it.

This is momo's water melon + bean curd, 西瓜豆腐花

We were sitting there for quite long cos' momo keep on dropping her Pucca on the floor. She wanted to stick it on the glass. I told her not to drop it or else Pucca will be crying. Ha! There is another table with a baby. The mother keep on looking in our direction. Oh yes, momo is really cute in her pink dress. This time round, momo didn't finished her bean curd so I had some of it. The sky is getting dark so I told momo we shall make a move and go somewhere else. She nod her head.
So where is the next destination? In fact, the reason why I choose to go out in the afternoon is cos' I want I to bring momo to see the nightlife. So the next destination is Clarke Quay!!!
We alighted at City Hall, while we are taking the escalator momo was kissing me so hard on the cheek. You know, basically her whole face is against my cheek. The Caucasian lady standing beside me was laughing. We walked towards Boat Quay, cut across @Central Mall.
The pic is quite blur, cos' I only had one hand to capture this shot.

Hooters! The Hooters girls are really hot in their outfits. Too bad momo is with me, if not I think it's a good idea to go in for a drink.

In fact Clarke Quay is a nice place to eat at night. Despite it had been around for, like, past 15 years. Many restaurants to choose from, many cuisine to choose from, many visitors too. I know that momo should be hungry at that hour cos' that dessert she had isn't filling for her.
So I told her we are going for dinner before we went back home. Where to eat? Burger King @Central Mall. I wanted to go there, then I saw.... Fishermen's Wharf!!! I always said I want to go there but everytime I didn't. So this time round momo shall be going with me.

The place isn't air-con, you pay first at the counter, free sitting, the food doesn't comes with a drink. The dish comes with a generous serving of fries and tartar sauce.

This is Pacific snow fish, it's really juicy. How does a pacific snow fish looks like? I dunno...

This is how the tables and chairs look like there. Forget about MFM, Fish & Co. or LJS... Really authentic kinda layout.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

I was walking past and I saw 2 tigers. It was actually made from flowers. Cool looking, huh?

What to eat during CNY? So long it's free and dun need to fork out any money.... haha! So funny, so funny.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Some ppl like him, some ppl hate... 不要这様痲, 人家讲实事罢廫... 这様没有料meh...

Thursday, February 11, 2010

This is being shared on the screen during the Singapore Spectaculars. A really inspiring clip.... You can see from the clip how a guy, under motivation, can do extraordinary.

Monday, February 08, 2010

Supposedly to be posted on Sunday....

Never mind, just 2 days later.

Sunday was my off day and momo doesn't need to go to school so it's Me & Momo day... hohohoho...

Momo was sleeping like a pig, till it was like 9am. I was sleeping beside her cos' I was afraid she might wake up early. In the end, she only opens her eyes around 9am. I told her that we are going out again so she should be heading for a shower soon. She was rolling on her mattress... Before 9am, I already start packing her little backpack and chose for her what dress she is wearing later. I even took my shower first so by the time she is awake, I pushed her to the bathroom.

She didn't want to wear any of the dresses I chose for her, instead she wants to wear her own choice of clothes. I tried to coax her in wearing those dresses I choose for her but she stand firm "I Don't Want!!!" So in end, she won. Anyway, I still managed to make her wear the pants that I choose for her. Before we go, I make her drink a bottle of milk. Actually I wanted to bring her to the food court for her lunch but I got plans to treat the little girl to a decent meal in town.

We went to Douby Ghaut...

I took her to Fish & Co @ Park Mall. I told her we have not been there before so we go there for lunch. She nod her head... When we reached there, it was still closed. The time is 11:20am, still closed. I don't know what time it will open so I took momo to the arcade to pass time. She was sitting in front of the machine, pressing the buttons. I look at my watch again... It was 11:40am, so I took momo out of the arcade. As I was out, I asked momo again if she wants to eat at Fish & Co. or Manhattan Fish Market. I mean Fish & Co. we need to walk back to Park Mall again... MFM is just above @ Plaza Singapura. Momo point her little finger, MFM... You know, sometimes momo is pretty smart. You may get shocked that she actually remembers what you told her when you thought she won't.

This time round, I didn't order kiddy meal for her. She doesn't even eat at all. All she touch is the fries. The previous 2 times I ended up finishing her share for her. I only order for myself and I share mine with her.

This is mine, only left the prawn shells and a lemon...

Momo is not bad too. She finishes all the fries and rice too.
Then I took momo to Orchard Central. I was thinking of treating momo to some coffee after lunch. Coffee Bean, Tully's Coffee, Spinelli Coffee... We didn't go to any of it cos' I got a urge suddenly. So we went to the gents... haha.

Nice panel, on the right. You should try it too when you visit Orchard Central. It's pure enjoyment. The toilet seat is warm and cosy... The best part is momo is sitting at the "seat" on my left, unable to disturb when I was doing my business.
When I'm done, momo says she want to take the elevator. When we are inside the elevator, I wanted to press level 1 and then I realised that there are actually B1 and B2. I didn't know that?!?! So we went to B2. Nothing much too see. Really nothing much to shop around either cos' most of the shops are not occupied, but I saw this really nice artifact.

OMG!!! It was really splendour!!!
I never thought such nice artifact will be at the basement. Nice shot, huh? I think I can work photographer part time.
Where to go next? ION... I remember there is this nice coffee chain, can't remember the name now but the last time when I was there carrying momo, who is in her dreams, I passed by it.
When I was walking, momo suddenly point her little finger again, saying she wants to go in "here". And where was it? 313@Somerset...
And guess what I found?

Central Hong Kong Café!!! Where people meet...

I had Pomelo Sago Cream (杨枝柑露) and momo had water melon + bean curd (西瓜豆腐花).

I know some of you may say "huh, water melon can mixed with bean curd meh?" Even it's kinda weird, right? I oso thought so when I saw the menu, but that was what momo wants to eat. In fact there are also mango + bean curd and durian + bean curd. I wanted to order mango + bean curd but momo doesn't want that.

I asked her "Now there are mango and water melon mixed with bean curd, which one do you want?" She points to the water melon.

I asked her "Now there are durian and water melon mixed with bean curd, which one do you want?" She points to the water melon.

I asked her "Now there are mango and durian mixed with bean curd, which one do you want?" She points to the water melon.

So she actually knows what you're talking. See? She knows what she wants.

The picture in the menu shows it was in a wooden bucket but when the dessert comes, it was in a bowl. What to say?

Momo loves to eat bean curd. She, in fact, finishes all of it without sharing with me. I only managed to steal 2 spoonful of it.

Here is the verdict:

If compared to 薪旺, I think Central serves better dessert. More variety to choose from. But the staffs there wasn't as friendly as 薪旺. At 薪旺, the staffs there will treat you like their prestige customers. The last time I was there, they will ask me if the table is okay, do I need another bowl for momo, they will even tease momo when they passed by. All these little gestures doesn't count? In fact, it will count. It will make the customers feel happy.

I remember there is this saying "Nothing fails like success". When your business is at its very top, it is also at its most vulnerable. Why someone will drive an hour to the tailor when there is one just opposite the street, bcos' he remembers your name, and your children's name. Why someone will rather pump his gasoline at the petrol station even it cost a bit more, bcos' the attendant greets you with a smile.

So, whether you wants better service or better desserts, it's your own decision.

Before I go, there is one picture that I want to share with you...
You see the giant fan at the ceiling? I think that was the biggest ceiling fan I ever saw in my life. Wow!!!

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Last Saturday took momo out...

I fetched her from school and I told her that we are going out immediately so we have to head back home, bathe and out we go again.

We went to the Pioneer Mall to have lunch, momo likes spaghetti; she can finished 90% of it by herself.

I didn't know where to take her cos' we have been to almost all the places in town area. This time round we went to Boat Quay. We alighted at City Hall, walked towards Boat Quay. Nothing much to see there, now the place is mainly restaurants. No more pubs.

Then momo says she is hungry so we went to have Burger King @ OCBC. We went there only to realised that it was closed. Momo didn't want to have Mac so we went somewhere else. Really got no idea where to go...

Then I got an idea.

I took her to Marina Barrage...

There is a free shuttle bus at Marina Bay MRT. We are lucky to catch it cos' the bus is leaving at 5:45pm and we reached Marina Bay at 5:40pm. The last time I went there was last year, that time it was pitch dark at night but this time it was still bright. We saw many ppl flying kites there, very windy too. But momo doesn't want to stay there long. We were only there for like 10 mins and momo wants to leave.

So We went to the bus stop and took the bus back to Marina Bay...

It was still early to go home yet so I took momo to Raffles City to have dinner at Mac. Now more Doraemon on sale... I thought want to get the Cupid Doraemon for her... Anyway, after our dinner we went to City Link.

Initially we went to 薪旺台湾茶餐厅 but I find the dessert doesn't really suit momo to eat. It's funny cos' everytime I passes by I will look at the menu, and everytime I will not go in. We exited City Link and I guess what I saw? Trung Nguyen Coffee... I thought there is only one at Liang Court, I never expect to see another one at Marina Square. We went it, hoping to spend some little time with momo cos' the ambience is quiet and cosy, not much customers too. But the place doesn't have any baby toddler chair, so we left.

So I took momo to 薪旺香港茶餐厅 for dessert. She had black sesame and I got myself almond with steamed papaya. The staffs there are really very hospitable. They got for momo a baby chair, give her a extra small bowl and a spoon, got for us extra napkins.

One of the customers even played with momo, she said momo is so cute, hoho... Too bad I didn't take a pic of her and momo. It was getting late so I told momo that now she today she has eaten a lot of food so when in the MRT she be a good girl and dun make too much noise. Well, she indeed didn't make any noise while on the way home. In fact once we reached Tanjong Pagar MRT station, momo has fallen asleep.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

So damn funny loh... 我真的是笑到...... 好废材loh....