Monday, January 04, 2010

These photos should be posted before year 2010, otherwise there will be on meaning, actually.

But since I couldn't make it in time, who cares....

These photos were taken on the 30th Dec 2009, of course.

You know, I never knew there is such a place called Marina Barrage. I drive there from City Hall, turn here turn there... finally arrived there. The funny thing is when you exit, it is so damn fast.

Anyway, let's take a look at the pics.

One can even see the Singapore Flyer from there.

This is actually a fountain. Dear says that I can bring momo to play with water there.

This is what a barrage is. On the left is the water we want, on the right is the sea. It is used to separate the fresh water. There are many people walking along it, so if you keep on walking till the end, you will reached the IR. But currently the other end is being blocked.

Maybe this is a good place to run 2.4km, huh?

This is how a barrage works. The "gate" will closed up, something like a dam.

Yesterday I bring momo to ION. She was sleeping in my arms when we reached there. Earlier on, we had lunch at the food court. She is greedy, not only she had her plate of spaghetti she even had durian chendol.

I find this pic pretty fascinating so I snap a pic of it. I actually snap it with only one had cos' the other hand is holding momo. She is still sleeping...
In fact I was carrying momo when we go jalan in ION. She only wakes up later in the part. I went all the way down to the B3 where all the food is. Even with the nice aroma in the air, momo is still in her deep sleep. Didn't stay there for long, I just make a round and proceed to the B2, then B1... all the way till L5.
I passed by Starbucks, thought of putting momo down on the couch while I enjoy myself to some coffee. There is a empty table with a couch, though. The moment I put momo down, she let out a cry so I gotta pick her up again.
Soon momo wakes up. At the time I think I was already at L2. Since she is awake and I was a little pee urgent I told her we shall go to the toilet. You know what, I told her to sit at the sofa along L2 while I go to the toilet. I hide behind a pillar to see if she can sit still or not. After a minute, momo is still there so maybe next time I can go to the toilet and her waiting for me outside. Anyway, I took her with me to the toilet too. I was searching for the gents and I got a discovery...

In ION, they even got a toilet for the little ones too. See how tiny is the toilet bowl? In the end, momo didn't use it but I did. I mean since I was inside, why not?

I bought a book there, at {prologue}, L5. Business Stripped Bare by Richard Branson.
Some may wonder who is this guy, what so great about him?
Here's why...
Richard Branson is chairman of the Virgin Group. He was born in 1950 and educated at Stowe School, where he set up Student magazine when he was sixteen years old. In 1970 he founded Virgin as a mail order record shop on London's Oxford Street. Two years later the company built a recording studio and Virgin Records went on to become one of the top six record companies in the world.
Since then the Virgin Group has expanded to encompass around two hundred companies in over thirty countries. Richard is the only person in the world to have built eight billion-dollar companies from scratch in eight different sectors. Through the Virgin Group's charitable arm, Unite, Richard is working to develop new approaches to social and environmental problems.
He lives on Necker Island in the British Virgin Islands and is married with two grown-up children.

I also bought another book earlier last week, The Richest Man In Babylon.

Just a simple maths calculation...
If a person in his 20 yrs old, he saves $200 a month by the time he is 64 yrs old. How much will he has in his bank? $200 X 12 mths X 44 yrs = $105600, right?
No the answer is $14 million plus.

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