Thursday, December 17, 2009

Ok... short post here.

Yesterday I was supposed to take momo out. I told her the night before that we are going out tomorrow so she should be a good girl and sleep early cos' we are leaving the house early in the morning. Maybe she understands, maybe she dun... I dunno. Anyway, in the morning I bathe her, in fact we bathe together... 2 person in their birthday suit in the bathroom, one big and one small playing with water *ok, cut the the exotic part*. I dry her and get her dressed up in the new dress I bought for her. It was pretty big for her, though.

So we left the house and while on the way momo was beating me cos' she was hungry. So I took her to the food court @ Pioneer Mall. She said she wants to eat noodles... She just took a few bites and she was crying in pain cos' she got ulcers in her mouth. I knew that we can't go out in this situation... I was planning to treat momo to some yum yum in the town area in my mind. Anyway, I took her to the doctor in the afternoon after getting a queue number. So we went home and momo was watching her DVD in my room...

Soon it was time for her to go to the doctor. Change her diapers, make her drink a little water and off we go. I reached the clinic early and the doctor wasn't here yet. So we walked around and I had my lunch...

When we returned back to the clinic again, we had missed 2 queue number. So gotta wait...

Lately momo is talking and singing when she is at home. And she is a busybody too. She will wipe the floor, help you to button your shirts, clean the tables... Shen even learn how to make her own milk now. Whenever she wants milk, I would ask her "Papa make or momo make?" She will point to herself, so I help her to pour the hot water and she will scoop the milk powder herself. Then I will do the adding of water for her and shake the bottle.

She sometimes will lay the bed for me, put my pillow beside hers.

Recently she lost her fav soft toy, a tofu. She always take it with her when she goes out. Since the last trip after we came back, it went missing. Maybe it was too small to be noticed. It could be hiding in some rooms/corners/drawers/cupboards... When the time is ripe it will appears. Momo got this habit of stuffing things in my bag or anywhere she can find. Sometimes when I open the drawer and I saw those things that was "missing". I "lost" my key pouch, my comb, etc before and found them later.

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