Saturday, December 05, 2009

Just went to GV to watch Ninja Assassin, starring Rain.

Wow, he is really fit, man.

The whole show is really nice, although a bit violent. Just imagine you're being sliced into half without you knowing, in a flash of a lightning, without you knowing who did it.

Earlier on, we went to play arcade cos' the show starts really late, or really early in the morning. We got a lot of time so we went to the arcade centre trying to complete "Silent Hill". Guess what, we are the last one to leave the centre. We couldn't complete it, not that we didn't have enough credits but it was closing. The staffs went around to switch off all the rest of the machines, only ours is still on.
Anyway, we left the place and went to Mac for a bite cos' it's still "early".

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