Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Best Motivational Video Ever

Ok, a quick post before I need to go out.

Last nite I watched Avatar. The show was damn great, the 3D effects is damn great. You can almost feel the people right in front of you. A show really worth watching, again.

Took momo out again. I didn't know that momo know how to appreciate Starbucks. I took her to shop at Jurong Point. Earlier on, we had lunch at the food court. She was sharing noodles with me... We had noodles or rice?!?! Anyway, we had our lunch there and then some desserts. Momo was greedy, she not only had hers she also want mine.

We are walking at the Jurong Point Extension, walked past Starbucks. There are not so many ppl there. Momo said she want to eat something. Not "say" as in say, her gestures told me she is glutton. So I was thinking of maybe treating her to Häagen-Dazs ice cream but she dun want to eat there. So....

Then I whispered to her shall we go to Starbucks, cos' Coffee Bean looks quite empty, and she nod her head. So Starbucks, that's it. I had her seated at the table while I ordered for us Green Tea Frappucino. She didn't want to let go of it initially. She was holding onto it for like, past 5 minutes. And she drank about 20% of it.

A few months ago, momo loathe bathing now she loves bathing. Sometimes when I told her to sit put there while I got to take a bathe, she will scream, jump onto her feet, ran to her room, take her towel and pull my hand to the bathroom. She loves it when I bathe her. Soon she need to bathe on her own. Momo is smart, she learns fast. She can almost remember correctly all the names of the animals I told her. There is once I said the animal type wrongly and momo actually corrected me.

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