Thursday, November 19, 2009

Today I went to Douby Ghaut, and I saw one really nice building. Just want to share it.....

Maybe from this pic, you can see much but at the balcony of all the windows outside there are actually plants.

Got this free gift when I went back to de-kit my stuffs.

Well, it's just a pen. Pretty heavy one and I used it at my workplace.
This is actually a belated post...
On Tues, momo didn't went to the childcare... My mom, momo and I went to Vivocity.
Actually I was supposed to bring her to the childcare but as I was carrying her walking there, I suddenly got the urge to go to the toilet so I make a U-turn and head to the toilet at the coffee shop... And someone is inside the cubicle... (damn it!!) So I got no other choice but to rush back home. I told her to stay put there while I... ok I cut that part. When I was done, momo was sitting at the couch watching TV, and she doesn't want to go to the childcare. She keep on shaking her head. I couldn't con her out of the house. Normally I got my own tricks to con her to the childcare. In fact I still use them everyday but just that at the particular moment it doesn't work. So my mom said why not we take her out.
Well, what can I say? I mean the lass doesn't want to move her butt...
So we went to Vivocity. We didn't stay there long, just there for lunch and then we went for dessert. Momo was always running around, she doesn't want me to carry her there. It was a good thing that she doesn't want to be carried but the fact is I need to run after her. In fact i prefer to carry her, at least she won't go missing.
We went to HK Kim Gary at level 2. I suggested we have dessert before we went back home. You know, the restaurant was near to the Sentosa and momo was running inside, heading to the sea... "Bump" momo knocks her head against the glass. It was really hard. I mean, it gotta be hard cos' she doesn't realised there was glass and she bang her own head into it. She was crying so loud and I need to pacify her. Momo was fine after a few minutes, but we didn't eat there cos' it doesn't have the desserts we want.
The 2nd choice is The Central, 中瑍茶餐厅 at B2. Momo is always so greedy. She eat till her own dress got stains.

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