Monday, November 30, 2009

Ok, I just got up from my sleep from nite shift last nite.

Since I got some time before I fetch the girl home, I blogged!!

I was lucky enough to get to know so many ppl all around the world who shared the same dream as I do, that is to help people to get better in their health. I love to hear from my distributors/customers when they sms/call me saying that they have lost 1kg... 2kg... 5kg...

Some photos to share here...

Look, how amazing this is!!! We got our own Herbalife plane... Stewardess pushing the meal cart that serves you nothing but shakes, and the shakes comes in many different favours.

Wow.. does this look familiar to you? When you walk on the streets, the bellies greet you before the person?

Funded unlimited by the US Government on his research in Human Nutrition, Cancer and Obesity, one of the top 6 doctors in US.

You know of any companies on the surface of the earth who got a Nobel Prize Laureate in their company?

We got the best CEO in our company, the man from the magic kingdom.

It all happened bcos' of a man, got no educational background about nutrition, no money, no knowledge about doing business or whatsoever, with long hair, grow up in the tough side of the town. All he has is a dream, it all started with a dream.

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