Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Momo is now at childcare... Hardly got time for myself nowadays. Today she wake up smiling, must be having sweet dreams last nite. Now momo knows how to gossip. My mum asked her "did papa beat you?" She said yes.... O~O... And she can even show where did I beat her; at the hand and the leg. OMG!!
Finally I can now shout R.O.D loh... I have finished my liability towards my country. No more reservist for me. 10 yrs cycle is now over. Won't get the "love letter" from PNS again. Btw, I got for the last time $200 for my M16 classification shoot.

John Kennedy says "Do not ask what my country can do for me, ask what can I do for my country".

This Thursday I will be recalled for the APEC. They need 1400 police officers deployed on the ground, not to count Civil Defence, Army, Navy, Air Force, CISCO, AETOS. What to do cos' Obama is coming here. "Obama is coming to town...." After this event, it will mark my last contribution towards Singapore.

Don't ask me what am I doing for the APEC or where will I be standing-by or who will I be protecting, I have to kill you if I tell you... haha...

I come across some really amazing photos... real photos from reality.

Can you imagine Herbalife got debit card? Of cos' not in Singapore lah...

Herbalife bicycle....

2 cute Herbalife babies.... Maybe I should get one for momo to wear too... LA Galaxy t-shirt.

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