Monday, November 16, 2009

Finally APEC is over...
Reservist is always the best one, time to take money and yet can enjoy. Which time of the year is better than that?
Can you imagine I actually can gain almost 3kg, just over a short period of this APEC deployment? How not to gain weight when there are tonnes of food to eat, the food keep coming in...
Just a breakdown of the food we had:
-Cartons of instant noodles (the best one is the tom yam favour)
-5 boxes of brownies (I eat and eat the most among all of us in the room, only managed to finish 2 boxes)
- 金枕头 bread
- bubble tea
- ice cream
- pizzas from Pizza Hut
- 100 plus
- packet drinks (dunno what brands now)
Not to mention the food from SPF. They keep coming in in boxes. One night alone they can come 3 times...
Not to mention the plasma TV we had in our room. We watched HBO, Australia Channel, Sports Channel all night long.
Not to mention 2 cosy beds we got, after eating/patrolling it's bed time.
Of cos' lah, it's Hilton Hotel mah....
Like that how not to grow fat?
If I was still in CISCO for this APEC, you know what will I be getting? Oh, when you report for work all you will be getting is a packet of rice and a bottle of mineral water. That's all, that's all. And on top of that, you still need to work during the day time. So it will be like...
you work from 8am till 6pm, then you take your dinner (the packet of rice and a bottle of mineral water lah, what else), then you get your ass into the vehicle and they will send you to the hotel, you are expect to stay awake throughout the whole nite. No one care about whether you're alive or dead, how to go pee or poo, so long there is no complain. And if there is, you answer it yourself.
Survivor skills....
While doing parameters patrolling, I saw one poor Aetos guy sitting at the door there, with his head fishing. I fully understand how he feels, and I know this poor guy has been working since the morning time dunno which post.

When around to take some pics as I walked. What so good about Hilton is it was located next to HRC and opposite Orchard Towers. Happening, man. You can see, ang mohs hugging some girls walking into the hotel. Girls or guys, it doesn't matter lah...

This is taken at the lobby, level 2. You know, level 1 and 2 are all designer's label. Those that only got one store in the whole of Singapore and the shop itself is like so empty, with only a couple of pieces hanging. Any one piece is enough to pay for your one-month-salary kinda of thing, you know?

See, I didn't bluff you right? There won't be another chance you can take a photo of this car plate.
With APEC for 2009 ended, my reservist also ends. today I just de-kit my stuffs and it marks my 10 year cycle to a glorious closing.

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