Monday, November 30, 2009

Ok, I just got up from my sleep from nite shift last nite.

Since I got some time before I fetch the girl home, I blogged!!

I was lucky enough to get to know so many ppl all around the world who shared the same dream as I do, that is to help people to get better in their health. I love to hear from my distributors/customers when they sms/call me saying that they have lost 1kg... 2kg... 5kg...

Some photos to share here...

Look, how amazing this is!!! We got our own Herbalife plane... Stewardess pushing the meal cart that serves you nothing but shakes, and the shakes comes in many different favours.

Wow.. does this look familiar to you? When you walk on the streets, the bellies greet you before the person?

Funded unlimited by the US Government on his research in Human Nutrition, Cancer and Obesity, one of the top 6 doctors in US.

You know of any companies on the surface of the earth who got a Nobel Prize Laureate in their company?

We got the best CEO in our company, the man from the magic kingdom.

It all happened bcos' of a man, got no educational background about nutrition, no money, no knowledge about doing business or whatsoever, with long hair, grow up in the tough side of the town. All he has is a dream, it all started with a dream.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

This is a really great design, esp for ppl like me who needs to bring their kids to the toilet with them. Want to know where? Stay tuned...

There are buttons at the right side... Temperature settings for your toilet seat, the water flushing on/off button. Yes, you can determine when to stop washing your butt. What is the fun part is there are even buttons to press for you to wash your front or rear?!?! I mean the rear, everyone understands what's that for, but for the front? I think the washing system is designed for both sexes. Short blogging before I go to bed in, say, 30 mins time.
Long story short, now is Christmas season so everywhere you can see lightings. Thought of bringing momo to take some pics for her, but she just cannot look into the camera. On top of that, she loves to touch the decorations, so...

I doesn't know why there are so many deers used for this year's Christmas "main star". Maybe... who knows...
Yesterday I took momo out again. Lately momo has been going out often. That girl loves to go out. Other than that when she gets hungry she will get a little bit noisy, she is still a good girl. I told her in the early morning that we are going out later so she better gets some sleep. She doesn't want to sleep.... ok, so I feed her one more time before we went out. You know, when she knows that I am going to bathe, she ran to take her towel too.
It's really good to bathe together. Father and daughter...
Soon momo will be a big girl and she has to bathe herself. So better cherish such moments... It will be some sweet memories to remember.
She can't finished her usual bottle of milk so I drank the remaining. Get her changed and off we go. She said she doesn't want to take bus, she wants to walk to the MRT station. When she wants to walk, she will really walk on her own.
So this time, where did we go? Plaza Singapura...
We spent most of our day there. Amazing, huh? We reached there quite early and I dun feel hungry yet. I ask the girl if she wants to eat lunch, she shake her head so we went around the mall first. Thought of treating her to Manhattan Fish Market but I doesn't know if she likes the food there or not. You know those grilled fish, mussels, prawns, calamaris... I mean, at home she does eat prawns and fish but at the restaurant maybe a totally different thing. Well, I guess it doesn't worth the risk, wait till she is a little older.
*momo, momo faster grow up. Papa got many food want to eat with you, many places want to go with you*
After that, we went to Central Orchard. The only time that I ever went window shopping is when I was taking momo out. Other times, I didn't have the time to really go inside the mall. Momo was a bad girl there, she keeps on running about, up the stairs and down the stairs.
The pic you see at the top was taken in Central Orchard. Momo was sitting at the designated chair, trapped. She can't come down and disturb me, hoho...
I thought of taking momo to ION before we went home. As we walked past Cineleisure, momo said she wants to eat dessert. Nah, it was me actually. I asked her if she wants any dessert. Momo nods her head. We had durian chendol... The manager of the food court was helping me to bring the toddler's chair over to the table when he spotted me. Nice guy, no wonder he is the manager... *lame, lame...*
Last place to go, ION. We walked there, along the way there are many ppl taking photos so I was like walk 10 steps then stop, then walk again for another 10m then stop again. Momo doesn't care so much cos' she was actually in my arms. I knew that she is getting tired. She whispered to my ears she wants to sleep. So as a matter of fact, we didn't shop at ION. I walked there, with the intention of taking a look there, but we end up walking into ION, and then to the MRT station, and we go home.
Next time round, shall take momo to Central @ Clarke Quay.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Okay, seize the chance that momo is not at home at this moment...
She is enjoying herself at the school right now. Later I still need to fetch her and maybe give her a little treat at the dessert store.
The last 2 days I was down with fever, whole body is aching and my head hurts like hell but still I went to work. So hard to endure throughout the nite shift.
Yesterday when I fetched momo from school, the girl was saying she want to go shopping. In fact, she just want to go jalan around before going home. But I was not feeling well so I just told her that papa is having fever so can we go home instead.

She said: "Papa fever momo fever" and she touched her own forehead, as though she is having fever too. And so we went home. Momo can be pretty obedient, sometimes....

The day before...

I took momo out for window shopping.

Didn't know where to take her but anyway I dressed her up and we went out. She wore the long dress that was in her collection for ages. Prior, that dress was too long for her. The dress will be sweeping the floor as she walks, but now it was just nice for her... Hmm.. since there isn't any pics for you to see, it's about her shin level.
We were taking the MRT, we alighted at Clementi station cos' momo was complaining she was hungry. She gotta to be hungry cos' she had her milk at 4 am and we left home around 9am. I bought for her a swiss roll and myself a, mexico bun. And needless to say, momo wants my mexico bun and she pushed her swiss roll to me.

Next time I shall buy her something that I WANT and give to her...

Never mind lah, momo is my beloved princess.
I wanted to take bus #7 to Orchard. We waited for it to come cos' earlier on we missed it cos momo was eating, then she doesn't want to take the bus so we took the MRT, again. We alighted at City Hall, took her to eat dessert at 新旺(香港)茶餐厅, we got a table already but momo doesn't want to eat there just before I order the dessert. So we left to Marina Square instead.
We had lunch there, momo didn't eat much but she finished my egg omelette. Walked around Marina Square for a while. Then I realised that momo had wet her diapers, pretty a big soak so I took her to the diapers changing station.
There is one. When I pushed open the door, there is a mother with her son inside. I was shocked cos' she didn't lock the door. She told me to come in but I waited outside. Then she came out and give me a smile, took a look at momo.
I saw a interesting quote on the wall...

Be what you want to be!

Then we walked across to Esplanade. I asked momo if she want to go over to the Merlion to take some photos, she nods her head. As I was walking, momo actually falls asleep in my arms, tsk tsk... So we didn't take any photos there.

I didn't know there is actually a Starbucks outlet below the bridge...

So I crossed over to Fullerton Hotel... And I saw there is a dragon boat race @ Singapore River. I went to the nearest I can get to snap some pics. I couldn't went to the front cos' it was all occupied by the contestants. The whole place outside UOB was seated by the dragon boat racers. I asked momo when she grows up, will she want to be like one of them. She shake her head...

Maybe momo wants to be a rock climber. She loves to climb the tables at home, and the way she scale the tables damn pro man.

I saw another interesting sign at Raffles Place station as I escalate down. I need to went up and then come down again to snap it.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Today I went to Douby Ghaut, and I saw one really nice building. Just want to share it.....

Maybe from this pic, you can see much but at the balcony of all the windows outside there are actually plants.

Got this free gift when I went back to de-kit my stuffs.

Well, it's just a pen. Pretty heavy one and I used it at my workplace.
This is actually a belated post...
On Tues, momo didn't went to the childcare... My mom, momo and I went to Vivocity.
Actually I was supposed to bring her to the childcare but as I was carrying her walking there, I suddenly got the urge to go to the toilet so I make a U-turn and head to the toilet at the coffee shop... And someone is inside the cubicle... (damn it!!) So I got no other choice but to rush back home. I told her to stay put there while I... ok I cut that part. When I was done, momo was sitting at the couch watching TV, and she doesn't want to go to the childcare. She keep on shaking her head. I couldn't con her out of the house. Normally I got my own tricks to con her to the childcare. In fact I still use them everyday but just that at the particular moment it doesn't work. So my mom said why not we take her out.
Well, what can I say? I mean the lass doesn't want to move her butt...
So we went to Vivocity. We didn't stay there long, just there for lunch and then we went for dessert. Momo was always running around, she doesn't want me to carry her there. It was a good thing that she doesn't want to be carried but the fact is I need to run after her. In fact i prefer to carry her, at least she won't go missing.
We went to HK Kim Gary at level 2. I suggested we have dessert before we went back home. You know, the restaurant was near to the Sentosa and momo was running inside, heading to the sea... "Bump" momo knocks her head against the glass. It was really hard. I mean, it gotta be hard cos' she doesn't realised there was glass and she bang her own head into it. She was crying so loud and I need to pacify her. Momo was fine after a few minutes, but we didn't eat there cos' it doesn't have the desserts we want.
The 2nd choice is The Central, 中瑍茶餐厅 at B2. Momo is always so greedy. She eat till her own dress got stains.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Finally APEC is over...
Reservist is always the best one, time to take money and yet can enjoy. Which time of the year is better than that?
Can you imagine I actually can gain almost 3kg, just over a short period of this APEC deployment? How not to gain weight when there are tonnes of food to eat, the food keep coming in...
Just a breakdown of the food we had:
-Cartons of instant noodles (the best one is the tom yam favour)
-5 boxes of brownies (I eat and eat the most among all of us in the room, only managed to finish 2 boxes)
- 金枕头 bread
- bubble tea
- ice cream
- pizzas from Pizza Hut
- 100 plus
- packet drinks (dunno what brands now)
Not to mention the food from SPF. They keep coming in in boxes. One night alone they can come 3 times...
Not to mention the plasma TV we had in our room. We watched HBO, Australia Channel, Sports Channel all night long.
Not to mention 2 cosy beds we got, after eating/patrolling it's bed time.
Of cos' lah, it's Hilton Hotel mah....
Like that how not to grow fat?
If I was still in CISCO for this APEC, you know what will I be getting? Oh, when you report for work all you will be getting is a packet of rice and a bottle of mineral water. That's all, that's all. And on top of that, you still need to work during the day time. So it will be like...
you work from 8am till 6pm, then you take your dinner (the packet of rice and a bottle of mineral water lah, what else), then you get your ass into the vehicle and they will send you to the hotel, you are expect to stay awake throughout the whole nite. No one care about whether you're alive or dead, how to go pee or poo, so long there is no complain. And if there is, you answer it yourself.
Survivor skills....
While doing parameters patrolling, I saw one poor Aetos guy sitting at the door there, with his head fishing. I fully understand how he feels, and I know this poor guy has been working since the morning time dunno which post.

When around to take some pics as I walked. What so good about Hilton is it was located next to HRC and opposite Orchard Towers. Happening, man. You can see, ang mohs hugging some girls walking into the hotel. Girls or guys, it doesn't matter lah...

This is taken at the lobby, level 2. You know, level 1 and 2 are all designer's label. Those that only got one store in the whole of Singapore and the shop itself is like so empty, with only a couple of pieces hanging. Any one piece is enough to pay for your one-month-salary kinda of thing, you know?

See, I didn't bluff you right? There won't be another chance you can take a photo of this car plate.
With APEC for 2009 ended, my reservist also ends. today I just de-kit my stuffs and it marks my 10 year cycle to a glorious closing.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Do you agree?
Free Time by Ron White

My friends and I were having dinner. The topic of success came up and I remained silent. I wanted to hear what they had to say. Someone who had been my friend for over 20 years spoke to the group; however, I knew his words were meant for me. He boldly proclaimed, “Success is all luck... luck... that is all it is!” He then looked at me as if to say, “You are a lucky man and that is it.”

I didn’t say a word, but I confess that it hurt. He was one of my best friends and although it wasn’t a direct quote, he was telling me that he didn’t respect my success because it was all luck. In other words, he could have done the same if he was just as lucky.
I mulled this over for a few days and then let it go. What could I do?

Then some time after that, my truck window broke and I had to park in his garage for the day to stay out of the rain. I was stuck at his home for six hours. During the six hours, I watched five of his friends come over and they all watched the comedy channel and consumed adult beverages for five hours. It was driving me up a wall! I wanted to go for a run, write, read a book, goal-set, strategize or spend time with someone that I loved. Instead, I wasted six hours watching the comedy channel.

I am not suggesting that watching television or the comedy channel is a waste of time. Most certainly not. However, it was obvious that this was their daily routine. Then it hit me!
Success is not a result of luck. It is a result of how you spend your free time!

He and I both work hard. The difference is when my workday is done my free time is productive and his is not.

My 6-CD Memory in a Month program was created in my free time. Every month, I get checks in the mail because of this program, and I will never have to do a single bit of work again for it. I did the work in my free time. My friend was watching the comedy channel. Today, his mailbox is empty.

Success is a result of luck? No, success is a result of how you spend your free time.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Last nite went to City Hall... Meet up with one of my friends...

We watched Saw Part 6... John is already dead and his work still continues... "let the game begin..." creepy, huh?

I was walking towards City Hall and I saw the Christmas lightings were up so I snap shot a few. Maybe can bring momo at nite for some Christmas atmosphere. Dressed her up like a little imp, make her wear the Santa Claus outfit, with 2 horns on her head... haha...

Nowadays momo will do some hands-on at her school. See what has she done while she was there...

A butterfly... At her age, this is consider pretty good, huh?

What is this? Oh this is supposed to be a school bag, but....
On Sunday I took momo out to town. She was looking forward for the trip cos' the night before I told her that I'm going to take her out and she was nodding her head, as though she knows what I am talking about. You know what, she in fact knows what I'm talking about. She is going to be 4 yrs old soon...
She slept till about 8 plus in the morning, I was sleeping beside her. I woke her up, telling her that we need to bathe and go out soon. She wakes up, rubbing her eyes and look at me, smiling. I told her we are going to bathe, together, and she grabs her towel and off we head into the bathroom. I doesn't know since when she loves to bathe. Previously she hate to bathe... She will say she only wants to wash her butt but not bathe. Now she loves to bathe. She doesn't cry anymore when I shower her over the head. So we make it a fast one, dry her and wrapped her up with the towel. I gave her a bottle of milk before we left home.
She wanted to wear the pink dress but it was kinda short for her now. I choose for her the blue one but she doesn't want to wear it. She insisted on wearing the pink one... After much coaxing and talking to her, she agreed to change into the blue one. She wear blue dress and blue shoes, with her blue Spongebob bag. We took the MRT at Pioneer station. She wants to walk there herself, normally she will wants me to carry her. Since she wants to walk, so be it.
We took the train to City Hall...
When we were at Redhill, she was making a lot of noise. She was hungry... I told her that we are going for lunch first at City Hall, only then she stopped crying. I asked her what she want to eat, rice, noodles or french fries. I almost thought she would say she want to eat french fries, but she choose to eat rice. Well, since the girl wants rice we went to the food court for lunch. It was lucky that I managed to find a toddler's seat for her. I told her to sit put, dun make so much noise while I queue up....
Guess what, she eat more rice than I do. In fact I was still hungry cos' she ate more than I do. But still she finished all the soup. So we walked around Raffles City....
Then we went to Marina Square.
There we had black sesame at one Hong Kong dessert store. I asked her what she wants to eat and she shake her head. So I ordered for myself only. I put her seated at the seat and you know what, she saw what I had and she wants to eat. She basically had the whole bowl to herself. She doesn't even want to share with me.
I asked her, "can papa have one scoop"? She shake her head...
So I end up buying another bowl for myself. But I ordered for myself black sesame with peanut汤圜 ha! Momo eat till she got the black moustache... She loves to eat hot desserts, and greedy too.
So again, we shop/walk around M.S. There is a car fair, Toyota one. I bring momo to sit inside the cars but she doesn't want to. You know, at the Mall, momo got hooked up with another baby. Both of them are jumping and laughing together. I had to bring her away, if not both of them will be hugging each other. The reason is the toddler's father wasn't too happy, so...
The next stop, we went to Suntec City. We took some pics with the Christmas tree, in fact only momo took pics with the Christmas tree. No one took for me.... So hard to take pics for her cos' she keep on playing with the leaves. Didn't stay there for long, though.
Finally we went to Esplanade. I thought of bringing to see the Merlion but momo wants to go home. She pat me on the shoulder saying she want to sleep, so we didn't go to the Merlion.
So our first town outing is quite a success.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Principles of Personal Achievement by Napoleon Hill

For most of his life, Napoleon Hill lived with the conviction that every failure carried with it the seed of equivalent advantage. Here are his 17 principles for extraordinary achievement.
Lesson 1: Definiteness of Purpose Definiteness of purpose is the starting point of all achievement. Without a purpose and a plan, people drift aimlessly through life.

Lesson 2: Mastermind Alliance The Mastermind principle consists of an alliance of two or more minds working in perfect harmony for the attainment of a common definite objective. Success does not come without the cooperation of others.

Lesson 3: Applied Faith Faith is a state of mind through which your aims, desires, plans and purposes may be translated into their physical or financial equivalent.

Lesson 4: Going the Extra Mile Going the extra mile is the action of rendering more and better service than that for which you are presently paid. When you go the extra mile, the Law of Compensation comes into play.

Lesson 5: Pleasing Personality Personality is the sum total of one’s mental, spiritual and physical traits and habits that distinguish one from all others. It is the factor that determines whether one is liked or disliked by others.

Lesson 6: Personal Initiative Personal initiative is the power that inspires the completion of that which one begins. It is the power that starts all action. No person is free until he learns to do his own thinking and gains the courage to act on his own.

Lesson 7: Positive Mental Attitude Positive mental attitude is the right mental attitude in all circumstances. Success attracts more success while failure attracts more failure.

Lesson 8: Enthusiasm Enthusiasm is faith in action. It is the intense emotion known as burning desire. It comes from within, although it radiates outwardly in the expression of one’s voice and countenance.

Lesson 9: Self-Discipline Self-discipline begins with the mastery of thought. If you do not control your thoughts, you cannot control your needs. Self-discipline calls for a balancing of the emotions of your heart with the reasoning faculty of your head.

Lesson 10: Accurate Thinking The power of thought is the most dangerous or the most beneficial power available to man, depending on how it is used.

Lesson 11: Controlled Attention Controlled attention leads to mastery in any type of human
endeavor, because it enables one to focus the powers of his mind upon the attainment of a definite objective and to keep it so directed at will.

Lesson 12: Teamwork Teamwork is harmonious cooperation that is willing, voluntary and free. Whenever the spirit of teamwork is the dominating influence in business or industry, success is inevitable. Harmonious cooperation is a priceless asset that you can acquire in proportion to your giving.

Lesson 13: Adversity & Defeat Individual success usually is in exact proportion of the scope of the defeat the individual has experienced and mastered. Many so-called failures represent only a temporary defeat that may prove to be a blessing in disguise.

Lesson 14: Creative Vision Creative vision is developed by the free and fearless use of one’s imagination. It is not a miraculous quality with which one is gifted or is not gifted at birth.

Lesson 15: Health Sound health begins with a sound health consciousness, just as financial success begins with a prosperity consciousness.

Lesson 16: Budgeting Time & Money Time and money are precious resources, and few people striving for success ever believe they possess either one in excess.

Lesson 17: Habits Developing and establishing positive habits leads to peace of mind, health and financial security. You are where you are because of your established habits and thoughts and deeds.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Problems Can Be Opportunities in Disguise

One of the most desirable attitudes of a leader is an ability to view problems as opportunities and setbacks as temporary inconveniences. This positive attitude also welcomes change as friendly and is not upset by surprises, even negative ones. How we approach challenges and problems is a crucial aspect of our decision making process, whether in business or in our personal lives. In companies and environments in which criticism, pessimism, cynicism and motivation by fear prevail, an attitude develops that leads to avoiding failure at all costs. The trouble with failure avoidance is that it’s simultaneously avoidance of success, which depends on big risks.

Innovation and creativity are impossible when people are in fear of being penalized for failure.
Early experience often teaches that failure is to be avoided at all costs. This begins in childhood, when we encounter the first “No!!” It grows like a weed when we are criticized by our parents, other family members, our teachers and our peers. It leads to associating ourselves with our mistakes, and to a self-image of clumsiness and awkwardness. Not wanting to be criticized or rejected, many adults also seek security rather than risk looking foolish or appearing awkward. They quietly ride with the system, not rocking the boat.

All lasting success in life is laced with problems and misfortunes which require creativity and innovation. Winners turn stumbling blocks into steppingstones.

In the 1920s, when Ernest Hemingway was working hard to perfect his craft, he lost a suitcase containing all his manuscripts. The devastated Hemingway couldn’t conceive of redoing his work. He could think only of the months he’d devoted to his arduous writing—and for nothing, he was now convinced.

But when he lamented his loss to poet Ezra Pound, Pound called it a stroke of luck. Pound assured Hemingway that when he rewrote the stories, he would forget the weak parts and only the best material would reappear. Instead of framing the event in disappointment, Pound cast it in the light of opportunity. Hemingway did rewrite the stories, and the rest, as they say, is history.

This week, concentrate on framing your challenges as “opportunities to grow” rather than “disappointments and problems.”

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Momo is now at childcare... Hardly got time for myself nowadays. Today she wake up smiling, must be having sweet dreams last nite. Now momo knows how to gossip. My mum asked her "did papa beat you?" She said yes.... O~O... And she can even show where did I beat her; at the hand and the leg. OMG!!
Finally I can now shout R.O.D loh... I have finished my liability towards my country. No more reservist for me. 10 yrs cycle is now over. Won't get the "love letter" from PNS again. Btw, I got for the last time $200 for my M16 classification shoot.

John Kennedy says "Do not ask what my country can do for me, ask what can I do for my country".

This Thursday I will be recalled for the APEC. They need 1400 police officers deployed on the ground, not to count Civil Defence, Army, Navy, Air Force, CISCO, AETOS. What to do cos' Obama is coming here. "Obama is coming to town...." After this event, it will mark my last contribution towards Singapore.

Don't ask me what am I doing for the APEC or where will I be standing-by or who will I be protecting, I have to kill you if I tell you... haha...

I come across some really amazing photos... real photos from reality.

Can you imagine Herbalife got debit card? Of cos' not in Singapore lah...

Herbalife bicycle....

2 cute Herbalife babies.... Maybe I should get one for momo to wear too... LA Galaxy t-shirt.