Monday, October 05, 2009

Just got home, going to sleep soon.

I just spend some time blogging here before I went to bed.

Everyone knows now is Mooncake Festival. Eating mooncake, lighting up lantens.

I got a mooncake with me... It look quite simple and maybe not that delicious too.

See not that nice look, huh?

This lanten is handmade too.

Both items are made by momo. She did it at the childcare on Friday, I got them from the childcare teachers when I fetched her back. Of cos' not momo did it all by herself, she got some help from the teachers too, but those are momo's sweat and effort.

Last nite when I got home, momo is sleeping soundly on my bed hugging her pillow. She look so cute when sleeping. I wanted to carry her back to her own mattress, so I wash up, got ready to carry her back. And guess what, she wet herself in my bed. She was crying when I was washing her butt. I gotta do it fast and pat her to sleep after making her wear her own clothes.

You know, now momo is getting more and more smarter. She doesn't want to go childcare cos' I wasn't the one who take her there. And you know what she did? My dad was telling her that it's time to go to school, she cried and was whinning she doesn't want to do. She even took an extra step to make sure she gets to stay at home, she quietly took her own bag and hide it somewhere. But the bag was not-so-big and not-so-small. In no time, momo was on her way to the childcare.

Smart lass, huh?

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