Thursday, October 08, 2009

I was walking along City Hall towards Douby Ghaut when I saw some cute statues. I was thinking it had been a long time since I last post such pics so I whipped out my LG hp and snap all of them.

Without much delay, let's see these cute statues...

So tired, so sleeping... It reminds me of how momo used to sleep when she is a toddler...

Wow... 好功夫!!!

Haha... this is how momo looks like when she sees something she wants to eat... I like this pic the most.

Some wonderful pics which I want to share...

Such a nice looking cake. I thought it was a durian cake at first, but then it can't be cos' Caucasians dun eat durians... Well, most of them.

Can you imagine how skillful the chef must be? Such artwork I supposed it only happen like someone's wedding or engagement party.

OMG!! It can't be true. If you ordered your steak and it was presented to you like this, you still bear to eat it?

Guess what? Momo take this together with her milk. She even cries if you didn't add this in, wow!! She loves it and she knows it's good for her body.

It's unbelievable!!! Just a cup of shake and it contains so much benefits?!?! If you still doesn't take it, then when?

You know just one flat scoop of protein powder gives you 5g of protein? I know there are many protein products in the market but what makes our protein so unique than the rest is..... It can be taken cold, warm, lukewarm and even hot. Hot is in the sense of cooking. You can use it to prepare spaghetti, coat your chicken wing, add into your dessert. No other companies has the science to do that.
Dun believe me, I challenge you that.

Herbalife gives you the dream figure...

Published in the New Straits Times, Malaysia on the 20th Aug 2009.

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