Saturday, October 31, 2009

Momo is getting smarter day by day...

It makes me worried, what if she gets too smart and outsmart me?

Or she used her wits in the wrong way when she grows up?

Or she mixed into the wrong company and get into trouble with the law?

She now uses her cup to drink water... Well, in fact she has been doing that since 6 months ago. What she did was she knows how to fill her cup from the water dispenser in the kitchen. You see, it was quite high for her and she is unable to reach it so what she did was she uses the dustbin as a base for her to step onto. She fills her cup and she even knows to put it back to the original position. Then she will be happily walking around with her cup of water...

Imagine if you are sitting in the living room, then you saw momo walking into the kitchen and seconds later she emerges out with a cup of water in her hand... You will be wondering how she manage to fill up her cup of water.

Momo likes to eat french fries, esp MacDonald's. She can finish a whole large fries on her own, not really on her own cos' I share with her.

Momo now knows how to make her own milk, scoop in the milk powder into her bottle. She wanted to add hot water but I doesn't let her do that. I add the necessary water for her and she will lie down on her pillow herself.

She sometimes will look at me and say that she doesn't want to bathe, she only want to wash her pat pat.

When she is sleepy, she will look at us with her tired eyes and rubbing her eyes too. "I want sleep.."

Sunday, October 11, 2009


A women asks that her child be delivered early, so he baby could be held by its dieing father just once. Don't hold the tears in! :(

Thursday, October 08, 2009

I was walking along City Hall towards Douby Ghaut when I saw some cute statues. I was thinking it had been a long time since I last post such pics so I whipped out my LG hp and snap all of them.

Without much delay, let's see these cute statues...

So tired, so sleeping... It reminds me of how momo used to sleep when she is a toddler...

Wow... 好功夫!!!

Haha... this is how momo looks like when she sees something she wants to eat... I like this pic the most.

Some wonderful pics which I want to share...

Such a nice looking cake. I thought it was a durian cake at first, but then it can't be cos' Caucasians dun eat durians... Well, most of them.

Can you imagine how skillful the chef must be? Such artwork I supposed it only happen like someone's wedding or engagement party.

OMG!! It can't be true. If you ordered your steak and it was presented to you like this, you still bear to eat it?

Guess what? Momo take this together with her milk. She even cries if you didn't add this in, wow!! She loves it and she knows it's good for her body.

It's unbelievable!!! Just a cup of shake and it contains so much benefits?!?! If you still doesn't take it, then when?

You know just one flat scoop of protein powder gives you 5g of protein? I know there are many protein products in the market but what makes our protein so unique than the rest is..... It can be taken cold, warm, lukewarm and even hot. Hot is in the sense of cooking. You can use it to prepare spaghetti, coat your chicken wing, add into your dessert. No other companies has the science to do that.
Dun believe me, I challenge you that.

Herbalife gives you the dream figure...

Published in the New Straits Times, Malaysia on the 20th Aug 2009.

Monday, October 05, 2009

Just got home, going to sleep soon.

I just spend some time blogging here before I went to bed.

Everyone knows now is Mooncake Festival. Eating mooncake, lighting up lantens.

I got a mooncake with me... It look quite simple and maybe not that delicious too.

See not that nice look, huh?

This lanten is handmade too.

Both items are made by momo. She did it at the childcare on Friday, I got them from the childcare teachers when I fetched her back. Of cos' not momo did it all by herself, she got some help from the teachers too, but those are momo's sweat and effort.

Last nite when I got home, momo is sleeping soundly on my bed hugging her pillow. She look so cute when sleeping. I wanted to carry her back to her own mattress, so I wash up, got ready to carry her back. And guess what, she wet herself in my bed. She was crying when I was washing her butt. I gotta do it fast and pat her to sleep after making her wear her own clothes.

You know, now momo is getting more and more smarter. She doesn't want to go childcare cos' I wasn't the one who take her there. And you know what she did? My dad was telling her that it's time to go to school, she cried and was whinning she doesn't want to do. She even took an extra step to make sure she gets to stay at home, she quietly took her own bag and hide it somewhere. But the bag was not-so-big and not-so-small. In no time, momo was on her way to the childcare.

Smart lass, huh?