Tuesday, September 08, 2009

This is the SpongeBob bag that I promised to upload in the last post... Cute or not?

I never watched SpongeBob Square Pants cartoon before but I heard this cute fella is a really positive character.

I read books from Robin Sharma and he mentioned that his greatest teachers in his life are his children. How many of you agree that?
Children are loving, children are passionate.
Children, when they are younger they dare to dream big, they dream their wildest dreams they ever got. I'm sure during our kids days, teachers asked us what we want to be when we grow up, we draw in down during our art classes.
"I want to be superman!"
"I want to be the greatest man on earth!"
"I want to be President, Prime Minister!"
When you tell them there will only be one President in Singapore, they will tell you" It's me lah!"
Wow!! Think of that...
But when we grow up, we are taught not to dream big. Instead we are told to resist changes. We are forced to abandon our dreams.
"What makes you think you can do that?"
"You are too young, you're too old, you're too short..."
"It's will work for others but it's not going to work for you..."
When children are born, they will try everything, they put everything into their mouth. They can't walk but they learn how to walk. They try they failed, they try they failed... they try till they walked. Have you ever seen an adult that doesn't walk, when you ask him why he's not walking he told you he tried a few times and he doesn't walk so he give up.
You put a children in the park and you leave him alone for 10 mins, when you come back he will tell you "come, meet my new best friends.." You put an adult alone at the elevator, no one talks. They will be looking at the floor, checking their blackberries, looking at their watches.
I doesn't know about you but for myself I have took 5 unsuccessful attempts for my driving before passing on my 6th one. I spent more $3k before getting my class 3 licence. I know there are people who got their licence on their 1st attempt and only spent less than $1k. If I was to give up half-way I wouldn't get my licence and I won't have the chance to work as a valet and drive so many different cars.
The greatest risk is not taking any risks. There is no safety in the known, the safety is in the unknown. Ships that stayed in the safe harbour never get banged up but that's not ships are made for. So take risks, stretch yourselves...

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