Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Momo is sick...
She is asleep now...
She got stomach flu....
Last nite I was carrying her cos' she is crying from her sleep. I sing her a song and she is laughing a bit cos' i poke her with my finger. She lay her head on my shoulder, I pat her little bum. I assumed she is asleep so I put her back on her mattress. Who knows she was feeling nausea and about to vomit out. I quickly carry her up and she vomitted all over me. Dun asked me what happen cos' I got no idea too. I take her to the bathroom to clean up, wipe her hands and legs a bit and put her to sleep again; this time she wanted to sleep on my bed. You know what, when she saw what she had done, she almost want to cry out. I had to pacify her "dun worri, it's not your fault... momo is a good girl.... papa won't blame you.... you be a good girl and sleep ok, pap go and wash up".

Guess what, she nodded her head. Now momo is getting clever. She knows how to nod her head. When I bring her downstairs and she doesn't want to go home cos' she wanted to go somewhere else, I told her that papa need to go home to get changed or momo need to get the backpack before we can come out again and she will nod her head.

"Now we are going home first, momo need to get the backpack papa buy for you, ok?" OR
"Now we are going home first cos' papa need to go poo poo"

Btw I bought for her a really cute backpack, a SpongeBob bag. I tired to upload here but apparently it got some problems, so later I will try again. In the meantime I shall leave you here now cos' I need to take a peek at how momo is doing.

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