Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I was walking along Orchard Road... Walked past Ion, to be precise, and I saw a few displays there. Decided to take a picture of them and post them here. I know.... I know, I have since long time didn't blog like in the past how I did. So, enjoy...

Nice huh?

You know what, I have been going to Orchard every week, sometimes 2 trips there but I have not even walked into Ion or Orchard Central, only walked past them...

Just Finished reading this great book, Living the 80/20 Way, by Richard Koch. You know what is it meant by 80/20? It means 80% of the results, outputs or effects are produced by the 20% of the people, natural forces, economic inputs.

Dun agree with me?

5 people sit down to play poker, It's likely that one of them - 20% - will walk away with at least 80% of the stakes.

In any large retail store, 20% of the sales staff will make more than 80% of the dollar value of sales.

Crimes statistics repeatedly show that about 20% of thieves make off with 80% of the loot.

We often find an even more exaggerated picture than 80/20 where far fewer than 20% of people or causes, in some cases as little as 1% or less, lead to at least 80& of results. Here are some winky causes;

In Indonesia in 1985, Chinese residents comprised less than 3% of the population, but owned 70% of the wealth. Similarly the Chinese are only a third of Malaysia's population, yet own 95% of its wealth. In Mauritius, French families make up only 5% of the population but own 90% of the wealth.

Out of 6700 languages, 100 - the top 1.5% - are used by 90% of the world's people.

Far less tha 20% of the Earth's surface produces 80% of its mineral wealth.

A very small % of meteorites falling to earth produce more than 80% of the damage.

Whereever you go, fewer than 20% of clouds will produce 80% of rain.

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