Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wow... I love cars!!! So many cars with the logo "Herbalife". I got these pics from my Facebook new added pal. Those cars are not cheap to own one. I know there are a lot of ppl here in Singapore drives some of the cars, but mind you those owners of those cars are from third world countries, like Brazil, Mexico, etc. Their average income per month is around USD$200 or so. Well not to be envious of them, they work very basic stuffs and they really work hard for it.

What does poor people most lacked of/ 穷人最缺什么?
When I first heard this question, I'm sure many ppl will be having the same thinking as I did. "Money loh, opportunity loh". Well, the answer is not money or opportunity. It's ambition, it's desire. The ambition to climb higher, the desire for success. I once heard from one President Team member who told us, it is not your fault to born poor, but it's definitely your fault if you die poor.

If you resign to your fate, you will forever be stepped by rich people, forever be under them. I once read a book The Elephant and the Twig. There are many ppl like the elephant, being tied to a twig and doesn't want to escape. In fact, they dun even want to try. They resigned to their fate that they can't get away. In the past, they tried and they failed so they think that no point trying it again now.

A very meaningful verse by Robin Sharma, when you die, what fills your heart with greatest regrets is not the risks you took, but what fills your heart is deepest regrets is all the risks you didn't take, all the people you didn't meet, all the sunrises you didn't watch, all the things you did not do.

A ship that stays in the harbour never get banged up, never experienced rough seas but that's not ships are made for.

I love red Ferarri, esp the F430 model.

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