Thursday, August 06, 2009

Lately I was adding a lot of Herbalife distributors from all over the world to my Facebook. Come across some pics that I didn't see before so I guess it's good to upload them here.

Wow.. I didn't know that Herbalife was once appearing on our own MRT? Now then I realised that was a few years back...

I think that this slide is really meaningful... Never give up even if you're being eaten, persist till the last moment.

Momo is sleeping while I was typing this post. I shall blog a bit about this lass whom I called momo.

Now she knows that when her panties and shorts are soiled, she knows she need to change them and where to get them.
She knows how to tell me when she need to pee, and when I was bringing her outside she can hold her bladder until we reaches home.
She can wear her own shirt, panties, shorts and even her shoes.. all by herself.
Earlier on, I just reached home after work. I was thinking about how this lass was doing while I was at work so I wanted to take a peek at her. Who knows she wasn't asleep and when she saw me, she ran into my room and refused to sleep after that. I had to bring her downstairs, bring her to the playground, bring her walk around the neighbourhood before she agrees to sleep while in my arms...
That was one time even more aggregating... I was still sleeping and momo from her own room, came crying and opened my door, she climbed onto my bed and lie onto me. I got no clue what was happening... I just hold her body and continue sleeping.

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