Friday, August 14, 2009

Last nite when I got home, a letter from Herbalife, a letter of recognition from our CEO Michael O Johnson, all the way from California, US.

It represent Herbalife recognize our efforts in distributing the products. How we talk to people, get them on the products their health improves, their lifestyle gets better.

How many of us in our daily work can get a recognition letter from our CEO? Most to most is just a pat on your back by your supervisor or your team leader. "Oh you done good, keep it up..." That's all, that's all.

C'mon, let's face it. Many of us left our previous companies is not because of the pay we received. Well, partly is bcos' of the pay, but studies has shown that most of the people who left is due to they are not being recognised at work. Our hard work, our effort, our sweat... all are not been "seen" by the Management. In fact, most probably they dun even know your existance at all.

Michael O Johnson, the man from the magic kingdom.

Simple design and yet exclusive.
A stone from a friend is much better than a diamond from enemy.

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