Friday, July 17, 2009

Yesterday after work I went to get my new hp @ Jurong Point, LG KF750. Maybe it's not the nicest phone there. I wanted to get Samsung Pixon or Innov8 initially but after looking at the price I think it's better to get this LG phone.

This is how it looks like from the front face. It's a touch screen, other than the call button, cancel button and hang up button, and the select button and numberic buttons. The last time I was using the LG KU990 Viewty. I got a hard time SMSing. I'm not saying it's no good but I...... never mind.

See the number pads? I do a lot of SMS so that's the main reason why I choose this phone. The camera is 5 Mega pixels. It's not so much about the camera, if I want to take photos I got my 10M camera so....

The back... till now I have yet to take any pic with it.

This is how slim it was, stylo huh?

Shhh.... momo still doesn't know about my new toy yet. When she gets any wind of it, she will sure want to play with it too. That noti girl... guess what? Now she can do without her diapers in the daytime. I will still put her in wraps when she is going out or going to bed.
So fast and momo is now 3 years old... Soon she will be attending kindergarten school... That implies I dun have much time left.

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