Sunday, July 12, 2009

This is Mark Hughes, our Herbalife first salesman and founder of the company who sold the shakes at the back of his car boot. He is not from any of the prestigious Universities or hold any medical recognition to his name. In fact he is just a grade 9 school dropout who got into trouble with the law and was send to a juvenile home.

He believes in training for every distributor all around the world and he did the training himself. Which founder will do that? He can just sit in the office and delegate the work to others, afterall he is the boss.

He said the verse "Your success is limited by your own imagination and your hard work".

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Luanne said...

Thank you for your tribute to Mark. He was a great man. I was a distributor in the early 90's and met Mark many times, as I also lived in Los Angeles and attended events. In fact, I returned to Herbalife and blog for them now, like you. Great job!