Saturday, June 06, 2009

Today I was at Terminal 3, got about 1 hour plus to spare so I walked around the place.

Went to Level 4 to see the SQ planes, in fact nothing much to see cos' the planes I have even see them right in front me before many times.

Then went to Basement 2 again... I was walking towards M1, then I saw there is a some sort of entertainment for me while waiting at T3. And here I goes.... Initially there isn't anyone else, soon after I was standing there a while longer, kids started to gather around and then adults joined in too. It's always the case, you need to be the first one to start it then others will follow you behind. And so I shade all 10 of them, one by one. Some are not done properly so I re-do it again.

Have fun with it. I shade it for momo to play with. Her hair is getting longer now, she needs a decent haircut. The funny thing is she can tell me she wants to cut her hair. Ha!

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