Saturday, June 20, 2009

Finally managed to upload some pics for momo's 3rd birthday... I was trying in vain to upload just these 3 pics for the last 2 days. Something is wrong with Blogger, but never mind since now it's working perfectly.

Every story will have a heading, right?

Initially I thought of leaving momo at home after dinner so that I can chop chop went to the neighbouring confectionery to get her a birthday cake but she was making a lot of noise at home so I have to take her along with me. She refused to eat her rice and climbing all over my table. Well, if it keeps on like that, I think I need to enrol her at the wall-climbing @ SAFRA. Who knows this lass might be going for the North Pole expenditure when she grows up, till then she can climb the world all she wants. Anything is possible, huh? Ops, I side-tracked too much.

Oh ok, so I took her along with me. Earlier on, when I fetched her from the childcare I already went to survey around to check which cake(s) is worth buying. Now everywhere birthday cakes got 20% discount. I figure this cake-shop should be ok so I went to straight with momo. I told her to choose which cake she want; the champagne or the durian one. She prefer the earlier one. I test her again. "You want the champagne or the green tea?" She still point her little finger to the champagne one. So that's the one for her. Sometimes you can't really take her words for it. I have been asking her "Today did you sleep?" "Today did you pee?" "Today did you poo-poo?" "Today did you eat your rice?" All she answer "got!" Yeah, you may be saying, oh, that is what she did at the childcare. But even if I asked her "Today did you beat your baby friends?", she said "got!" "then did your baby friends beat you?", she oso reply "got!" So.... you know, sometimes you can't really trust these 3 years old kids.

So the cake costs $16. I have to carry momo with my right arm and hold the cake with my left arm. Pretty tedious... But what to do, it's momo big day of the year.

Here, it is... Champagne cake. My mother was saying there are so many fruits in the centre, huh? Can't see the cake properly?

After doing away with the box, add on 3 candles and the happy birthday sign... it looks more like a birthday cake, right?

This is the long awaiting 3 year old momo. Can you imagine how tall is she now? I think she needs a train ticket to travel now. Can you see the deltoid muscle?
There are many photos of momo but this is the only one I can post up here. Now momo is getting bigger and she needs to keep her privacy. But of cos' that doesn't restrict to momo's friends. Send me a request and I can forward you her pics.

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