Monday, April 20, 2009

Momo is sick.... She got sore throat cos' she likes to scream and shout at home. I dun know if that's the reason why she got sore throat but we assume that is the cause. Anyway, now momo is fine now. She is still so noti, so nosy. When I was changing in the room, she will quietly opens the door and peep inside. Once I caught her red-handed and I grabbed her by the singlet into the room... and you wouldn't want to know how I deal with her... (evil grin).

Today I went to Jurong Point. I planned to go there alone, leaving momo at home but when I wanted to leave, she was clinging onto me and crying. I tried to tell her to stay at home but she doesn't want to. So my mum told me to take her along since nowadays she started "defecting" to me. In the past, she just wouldn't want to stick onto me. When she is drinking her milk, she doesn't want me to be in the room, she will pushed me out with her 2 hands... but now time has changed. She wants to stick onto me, so let the little princess has her day.

I wanted to have my shoes fixed. The soles are going to fall off. The cobbler at Jurong Point charged me $35 for both soles. When I told him it's too expensive, he readily reduced it to $25. Wow... that's $10 reduction. But still I doesn't want to get it fixed there. Cos' when I bought it, it only cost me less than $25, or maybe more, I dun remember. This pair of shoes is the one that I wore for my driving test for almost 2 years and I passed my TP test with it. So it's a memorial for me. In the end, I went to the DIY shop and bought the adhesives home and glued it myself. I wanted to do it for a long time but I assume it doesn't cost a lot to engage the professional for the job but since it turned out to be the other way so I changed my plans.

Today I made momo walking a lot at Jurong Point so I guess tonite she will have an early night. Tomorrow she needs to wake up early for her childcare school. It wasn't that near so the time need for travelling needs to take into consideration.

We had Long John Silver's for breakfast. I told her to sit put at the chair while i queue up and she actually sit all the way there. You know I was constantly looking back at her to check if she is still there. I even have to stand in the way such that I need to face sideways at the counter. And there she is, with her petite head sticking above the table. Earlier on, she already had her milk before we left home so I just feed her a bit of the sandwich and the iced milo. She likes iced milo and that explains for the spill stain on her pants.

We went home after getting chicken rice from Boon Lay MRT. Pretty cheap, only $1.50 per pack.

So that's the outing I have with momo today. Shall have more advantages when I got free time.

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