Sunday, April 19, 2009

The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership.... if you got only the money enough to get one book, just one book, this must be the one you gotta buy. Irregardless your occupation is, so long you work together with people, so long you want to go higher, so long you want to be a leader, so long you doesn't want to be just a follower; you have to read this book.

1. The Law of The Lip
Leadership Ability Determines A Person's Level of Effectiveness
2. The Law of Influence
The True Measure of Leadership Is Influence - Nothing More, Nothing Less
3. The Law of Process
Leadership Develops Daily, Not In A Day
4. The Law of Navigation
Anyone Can Steer A Ship, But It Takes A Leader To Chart The Course
5. The Law of E. F. Hutton
When The Real Leader Speaks, People Listen
6. The Law of Solid Ground
Trust Is The Foundation of Leadership
7. The Law of Respect
People Naturally Follow Leaders Stronger Than Themselves
8. The Law of Intuition
Leaders Evaluates Everything With A Leadership Bias
9. The Law of Magnetism
Who You Are Is Who You Attract
10. The Law of Connection
Leaders Touch A Heart Before They Ask For A Hand
11. The Law of The Inner Circle
A Leader's Potential Is Determined By Those Closest To Him
12. The Law of Empowerment
Only Secure Leaders Gives Power To Others
13. The Law of Reproduction
It Takes A Leader To Raise Up A Leader
14. The Law of Buy-In
People Buy Into The Leader, Then The Vision
15. The Law of Victory
Leaders Find A Way For The Team To Win
16. The Law of The Big Mo
Momentum Is A Leader's Best Friend
17. The Law of Priorities
Leaders Understand That Activity Is Not Necessarily Accomplishment
18. The Law of Sacrifice
A Leader Must Give Up To Go Up
19. The Law of Timing
When To Lead Is As Important As What To Do And Where To Go
20. The Law of Explosive Growth
To Add Growth, Lead Followers - To Multiply, Lead Leaders
21. The Law of Legacy
A Leader's Lasting Value Is Measured By Succession

You know what, now momo is attending childcare school. In fact, she is rather late attending one. She should be in childcare when she was 18th months old. Today, 19th Apr, momo is 33 months old. Soon she will be a 3 yr old kid...

Can you guess how does momo look like in her uniform? I almost wanted to post her pics here, in uniform, but I got a gut feeling it shouldn't happen. Then everyone will know which school she is attending, right? So it's a no-no...

She is so cute!!! Her legs are so skinny in her baggy pants. When momo is walking, and the wind blows... hoho....

Now at this moment, momo is sleeping like a baby. She will wakes up like a tiger tomorrow morning. Nowadays she will cling onto me when I'm going to work. So I just spend a good 5 mins to hug her and planted kisses all over her face, she will kiss me back when I ask her to... Doesn't know how long this will last. Anyway, it's late now so I need to sleep oso.

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